Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Suggested Reading

(Snapped on 12/08/10)

Now I realize that many of you wonderful readers out there, were recently directed to my blog for the very first time - thanks entirely to a fanTABulous article about my 10 second timer self-portraits, written by Haje Jan Kamps and posted on his entertaining and most informative photography site at Pixiq. But for my beloved regulars, who may not yet have had the chance to read this - my first ever online interview (YIP!) - I felt it would be remiss of me not to share the voila

I can't tell you how grateful I am to Haje, for not only affording me the opportunity to share my work with a much broader audience, but for also supporting, encouraging and standing by me as an artist, even in the midst of controversy surrounding the quality, content and value (or not) of my photos...The guy is an absolute gem, and I feel that I will always be indebted to him for his generosity and nurture.

Thank you so very much, Haje! I don't know if you've any idea how much everything you've done for me - means to me...

Now get over there you guys...Go check out the article! (Please aaaaaand Thank you!)


  1. I don't understand anyone saying your work has no quality, content or value. I can see you work very hard at the planning and execution of your wonderful images.

  2. I don't understand anyone saying your images have no quality, content or value. Anyone can see that you plan your wonderful images carefully and work very hard at them.

  3. I came across your blog quite by chance and would like to say what a refreshing revelation of photography it has proven to be. Wildly impressed! Thanks so much for sharing your work, inspirational - just wonderful! Have a superb Christmas break!

  4. @Adrian - I AM truly lacking skills on the technical side of photography, and my unrefined pics. rub many people the wrong way. They become so focussed the imperfections in my photos, that they completely overlook the effort that goes into them. But the GOOD news is - there ARE folks like YOU who aPPREciate that aspect of my self-portraits! Thank goodness for THAT!

    @Stephen - Makes no difference to me HOW you found my blog...I'm just tickled that you enjoyed it once you GOT there! Thank you for checking it out AND for commenting...I hope YOU enjoy the holidays, as well!

  5. Your work is priceless. The Virginia I left behind was like a desert waste where creativity went to die. Looks like you revived it!

  6. You so NICE! THANK You!

    It's funny, because on the one hand - Va. (my immediate area specifically) and VirginIANS (particularly folks who live in my community) are about as uptight and conservative as you could ever imagine (yuck) esPECially in regards to art/lifestyles/personalities - which are even slightly out of the ordinary...folks around here don't tolerate much of ANYthing that's too left of center, sad but true...On the OTHER hand though, Virginia geographically/historically/architecturally - is a veritable wellspring of resources for artistic inspiration...and THAT'S the part about it that keeps ME from going totally loco!