Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Inevitable Pin-Up Period

(Snapped on 4/28/10)

During the first 4 months of my 10 second timer self-portraiture mania, much as I loved my new hobby and longed to devote every minute to it - my schedule only allowed for one or at the very most - two shoots per week. Needless to say, I relished every opportunity to partake in such frivolity.

At that point, I still had yet to consider the option of taking my half-naked pics. anywhere other than the privacy of my home, so my thought process in planning each upcoming shoot was fairly basic: in which room of the house, or - where in my yard - should I stage each consecutive shoot. And in determining the "where" - the theme and appropriate, provocative attire - generally fell in line, somewhat effortlessly. 

I guess given the nature of #HNT pics. and the limitations of only shooting in and around my house, as well as the fact that I was still such a newbie and my creative juices were just barely percolating, it was probably part of a natural progression that I ended up inadvertently dabbling in a cliche "pin-up"-style phase. The strangest part for me during this time, was to see this unfamiliar person appear in the pics. as I downloaded them onto my computer. I mean, the "real" me is a tomboy...a slob even - and goofy! I rarely wear make-up or give a rat's ass about what to put on my body most days. And so to see that vaguely familiar, scantily-clad (middle-aged!) woman - her face painted up like a ho' - working sexpot poses and come-hither gazes - was definitely a bit say the least.

The pictures from the above - "fridge shoot", were (comparatively) easy to capture, only in that - the room is quite small and so I had very little wiggle room as far as where exactly to place the camera. My only real option, was to set it in a cubby on a shelving unit that's fixed to the wall. Since I couldn't get my head behind the cam. to look through the viewfinder, it took a few tries to get the angle just right. But after that - it was pretty much smooth sailing. I did have to give the refrigerator a rest, after the upper bulb shut off from the door staying open for too long. But after a cocktail and a ciggy, I was right back on track. 

Although I ended up with less pics. than normal, overall - I liked what I got. They are a tad dark and there wasn't much variety and they did mark the horrific (yet fortunately - tail-end of the) "big boom" era. But since I'm nearly certain that my ass is like half that size now...that part doesn't really bother me anymore.

(Snapped on 5/11/10)

The instant it came to me, I was all over the kitschy concept of the "washing dishes with rubber gloves wearing only an apron" shoot...and because of its simplicity, I felt confident going in - that getting a heap of good pics. (in very little time) would have to be practically failsafe...The moral of the story? Keep your expectations LOW

Over the course of three separate, hours-long attempts (one in the morning, one - late afternoon, and the last ending sometime around midnight) to come up with something...anything - even just one measly picture to like - I wound up (mostly) entirely disappointed. Maybe it was because of the repetitiveness of never deviating from standing at that sink, for christsakes (for a total of what - 6 or 7 hours?!) that left me stuck in a rut and clinging to an idea, that bottom line - produced nothing nearly as compelling as I'd hoped. But rather than give up completely, I kept coming back to experiment with the changing light of morning, afternoon and night...and in the end, out of a couple hundred shots, I ended up with at least a few that I didn't totally hate...meh...

(Snapped on 6/08/10)

The "popsicle" shoot was different, and I can't put my finger on why, precisely...maybe I'd gotten more than my usual 4 - 6 hours of sleep the night before? I dunno...but I liked how I looked in the majority of the 100 or so pictures that I snapped that day, and unlike the "sink" session - my reason for taking so many pics., was because I felt that since I seemed to be on a bit of a roll, I oughtta stockpile as many good pics. as I could.  

My only problem with this shoot, was the fact that I had to eat 10 - 15 popsicles over the course of the day. I'm a low-carb gal, and so - not only was it a shock to my system to ingest such a large dose of sugar, but I swear I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that - by the time I took my next set of pics., my rear end was noticeably bigger!

(Snapped on 7/04/10)

The only thing I have to mention about the "bikini in the bathroom" pics., (besides the fact that my face looked haggardly AND - the tag on my bikini top was visible @#%&*$) is that I just wanted the whole thing to be over in a hurry. Why? I'll tell you - because this bathroom is haunted by our little girl ghost...*shiver*...How tha hell else do ya' think I could keep it so clean? Lord knows no one in my family would ever dare use this bath...(among other odd occurrences, the toilet flushes at random - which we all find raaawther disconcerting...)

As instrumental as the "pin-up" phase was in helping me evolve as a soft porn, self-portrait artist (or "dilettante", as I've recently been dubbed)...I'm reminded when looking back on these earliest of my pics., that although I do like 'em (for the most part) - I'm way more excited about the things that I've done since.


  1. Not only are the pictures well done and creative for some one with limited experience as you describe yourself, but I also enjoy the narrations describing how you set up and the small issues that came up during the taking of the photos.... Great Job...amc

  2. Hello, that's Eric from France...

    I've just discovered your magnific and aesthetic body but above all your original way to pic it.

    A sincere and real pleasure !

    Keep doing it, Ma'am...

  3. Popsicle pin-up is very cute :)

    I like how strong your body is.

  4. @Eric - Thank You! So sweet the things that you said :) I shall definitely keep doing it, Sir...

  5. @HEDONE - Why THANK You! So glad to hear that you like the popsicle pic.! Feels like that shoot was about a million years ago (and honestly? I think my body was still a bit pudgy back then, haha!)

    Thanks so much for checkin' out The Big Ugly!

  6. @felix24 - I love that you think that...Thank You so much for sayin' so :)

  7. As i wander through your older posts and get beyond the latest work, all of which are fun and wonderful, I'm astounded and just how beautiful you are. Creative, beautiful, talented, if you didn't turn me on so much I'd have to hate you.