Wednesday, January 8, 2014

It's Time For Me To Fly

I've decided to remove my Big Ugly blog entries, for a variety of different reasons. 

Many of the hundreds of self-portraits that I've taken over the last (nearly) four years - are available for purchase, as signed, dated and numbered ("1 of 1") mono prints, however…so to anyone interested in acquiring one-of-a-kind prints of my work - please don't hesitate to contact me at:

Thanks to all of you, for being so supportive of me and The Big Ugly…I can't even begin to properly express how much the last 3 1/2 years have meant to me - THANK YOU - for everything!!!

Lauralyn Brickhouse
North Hill Village
Anguilla, BWI


  1. You will be so very missed, Lauralyn! Biggest hugs, and I hope we can stay in touch :)

    xx Dee

  2. Hello Lauralyn,

    I've had the pleasure of following your blog for the past 2+ years and I'm sad and happy at the same time for your professional future.
    Sad, of course, because I will not have access to your photos that stir many emotions when I viewed them, however I'm happy to see that your talent will be rewarded financially and it should continue to grow beyond a blog and I hope beyond a gallery.
    I pray for your continued success a healthy and long life and career.

    Thank you for exposing your body, mind and artistic gifts for all of us to see and enjoy.

    Forever a fan... God Bless.

    AMC 01/08/2014

  3. BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  4. All of your work will be missed Lauralyn! :(

  5. Wow… so hate to see you go! Maybe I'll stop by someday if I ever get up into your neck of the woods!

  6. I guess those vacation pictures were a foreshadowing. I hope to get to the gallery again sometime. In the meantime, all the best.

  7. Good luck to you, Lauralyn. Thank you for the fabulous ride.

  8. We'll miss you! Good luck with your new venture.

  9. I've been following this blog from the beginning. It has been so fun to visit every once in a while and catch up on the 5-10 posts that you'd made since I'd last visited. I've seen that a common theme in your life is abrupt change so at this point I am not surprised by this move. I just wanted to take a minute to comment and tell you that I will truly miss being able to look through your pictures. It was exciting and highly gratifying having them all here, for free at any given time. I was privileged to be able to be exposed to so much of your art for free. I wish the gallery would be successful and you could keep the blog pictures online as well. I hope to find your presence online again at some point. I'll really miss this blog. Thanks for sharing yourself online.

  10. I can't quite figure out how I have the business card for the Big Ugly Truck blog, considering I live in the US.