Monday, June 13, 2011

Complete 180

(All pics. snapped on 6/11/11) guys...I almost took the low road. But at the last minute I stopped myself from publishing the entry that I've been painstakingly perfecting, meticulously masterminding, fastidiously formulating and carefully constructing - since finishing the one before this.

I'd compiled hundreds of seething words, scathing accounts - of all that's made me listless, bitter and baleful of late...and as I reached the homestretch of the entry's completion - I had a change of heart and thought it best to bail.

Cathartic or not, everything I'd written was completely cringe-worthy...and none of what I had to say should be inflicted upon my readers...well, save 4 or 5 particular dickheads out there - but.........SEE?! There I go again! 

Bottom line is, I degrade my blog and myself when I use it as a platform to underhandedly exact revenge on nefarious tools...or vent about the disappointments that have become almost comically commonplace, these days. But more than anything - I can't stand it when I sound so pitiful and weak. This is supposed to be about my pictures, not my personal life, right? Right. And I think it'll be better for everyone concerned, if I stick with that m.o....if not forever, then at least until I get my head back on straight.

Thank you to the kind folks who let me stage two very different shoots - on two separate visits to their farm, this past weekend. The photos in this entry are from the second group of pics.. 

Unfortunately, the late evening sun had already slipped down behind the trees by the time I arrived back at their place to have another go. And after taking a series of underexposed shots, I caved and broke my cardinal rule to never use the flash. I was happy though, with the silhouettes that were produced later on - when I experimented with the flash turned back off.

By the time I burned the dress at the end of the shoot - practically everything I'd brought with me (including myself) was covered in the super sticky, corn syrup fake blood...ew. So yeah, I was exhausted and filthy when I left - but that's the good stuff, man...part of what makes self-portraiture so rewarding, and just one of the many reasons that I truly do love it.........(now if I can only remember to not forget that anymore...) 


  1. Great photos, I'm still amazed on how good your pictures are with a 10 second timer. I look forward to seeing your pictures and reading your thoughts and feelings on the labor of love that you must go through for your art. It's not news that each and everyone of us has a different taste and opinions on what we call art, must of it shaped by our religous or society's predigested views that are forced fed on us since childhood. We are not going to change everyones' views, however those with a God given gift such as yourself, have a responsability to allow that gift to grow and improve it inspite of other's criticisms and ill thoughts. All I can say is what my pee wee footbal coach used to tell me, "son put your shoulder down and keep your legs moving forward", keep up the good work, you have at least one true fan of your work.
    AMC 6/14/11

  2. Lauralyn, do you ever give out an email address anymore, since you disconnected from social media? I have a few thoughts that go beyond the stunning work you've been doing recently, but they might sound a bit sappy in a blog comment. Just FWIW.

  3. @Steve Mouzon - I do indeed! You may email me at:

    I look forward to hearing what you have to say, Steve!