Sunday, July 14, 2013

At My Fingertips

I've not taken any new self-portraits since I went up north recently, to work with Osmyn Oree...and when was that almost four weeks ago? CRIKEY! Anyway...if it's ok with you guys, right now I'm gonna havta settle for posting (yet another) selfpic that I snapped on that gloriously productive second day of shooting with Osmyn, at my new favorite crusty old industrial building - the Stehli Silk Mill in Lancaster, Pa....I'm gonna try reeeaaallly hard this week, to mete out a snippet of time to devote to taking a new batch of selfies, though...I pRoMiSe! (sort of...I think)


  1. Congratulations once again on the opening of your gallery, and now your new website.

    It look as if both will be bringing even more enjoyment to us, your faithful followers, and I'm sure that I speak for all of us when I say that both look great.

    As for today's picture, I must admit that I prefer the out-take but that could be because it is more conventional, and I am somewhat of a conservative when it comes to art.

    Best of luck. It looks as is all your hard work is paying off at last.

    1. @Raymond - Thank You SO much, Raymond! You're always so darned sweet, and encouraging!

      Funny you like the tumblr. pic. better...I much prefer this one. Thank goodness for different strokes though, eh? Keeps things from getting boring and stale!

  2. Love the contrast of the large hall and your small sexy figure. Well done once again!!
    AMC 07/15/2013

    1. @AMC - THANKS, Man! This picture is one of those examples of me struggling to compete with a totally amazing backdrop...