Saturday, December 14, 2013

Washed Up, Washed Out...

I'm not sure what my problem is exactly, but ever since taking this last (shamefully mediocre) set of selfpics while I was on Anguilla a few weeks ago - I haven't had even the slightest inclination to stage any new ones…could have something to do with the fact that a huge wave doused my camera only about a dozen pics. into this shoot - and that was pretty much the end of that (RIP Sony Cybershot #7...or wait…is it #8), and since I've been home - I haven't even so much as entertained the idea of going out to purchase its replacement. Making matters worse, I've also been draggin' my feet about setting aside time to update The Big Ugly. To be perfectly honest about it, I'm just not in much of a self-portraiture mood these days, and I literally have no explanation for why that is. "My Favorite" tells me not worry about it too much…he says that I'm just taking a bit of a sabbatical, that's all…I reckon he's thinking that before too terribly long, I'll find myself diving back into dash photography with a renewed sense of enthusiasm - just as I've done in the past whenever I've lost steam for brief periods of time. But I havta say, something feels decidedly different this time…I feel sorta like I'm all washed up…and on the brink of closing this chapter of my life...  


  1. I'm sure there are many of us out here that hope your muse returns with a vengeance or that we get to experience (and live vicariously) your new adventure. Your work is so … imaginative, creative, original, innovative, pioneering, resourceful, enterprising, inspired, clever, intelligent, smart, brilliant, masterly, talented, gifted, skillful; astute, sharp-witted, quick-witted, shrewd; elaborate, sophisticated, … all that and more. Reading your blog has kept me going on my own projects, although I don't have the self-confidence to share in the blogasphere. Enjoy your break, get recharged and come back -- with whatever you chose as a venue -- with a giant thunder. Peace.

  2. I must agree with everything Carl says.
    And perhaps you do just need some time off to recharge.
    I hope that don't think that you are also one of the wrecks you pictured in these two shots.
    I know that you will return to "us". I just hope that it will be soon.

  3. What I've admired most about you, LL, aside from your creativity.... is that you passionately follow your heart!

    So please continue to do so... that's your strength. If it leads you back to this - fine. If it leads you in another direction - that's fine too.

    Take time and all will become clear. Whatever you choose, I wish the best for you!


  4. I really do hope this is a pause and not a full stop. My world would be a duller place without your work. I have been coming here for many years now, you have inspired me to be bolder, braver and more creative with my images. For that I shall be forever grateful. I hope you find the buzz again and discover yourself at the shop very soon purchasing another point and shoot.... *crosses fingers but never legs ;)

    Love you


  5. I hope it's just holiday blahs and not a loss of the enthusiasm that makes your work so great!

  6. You look like a mermaid next to that ship! Fabulous.

  7. sometimes Muse is a fickle bitch. Maybe it's just time to hunker down and focus on the gallery and giving other people a place for their work. or maybe the real world of the gallery is more fun than the interwebz. who knows...