Sunday, October 3, 2010

Feels GOOD to be a Man...

(Snapped on 10/02/10)

Yesterday, my tiny little town celebrated its centennial by closing off Main Street to car traffic, in order to make way for a parade and a couple blocks-long party. I had every intention of stopping by the festivities - not so much to join in on all the fun - but because I liked the idea of snapping self-portraits under what I suspected would be the disapproving/bewildered eyes of the assemblage of small-town onlookers. 

The night before, I had joked with friends on Facebook, about taking naked shots at the parade - but I mean c'mon...did I really wanna get hauled off to jail? No. So I hatched a more reasonable, albeit less spectacular plan (see above) one which I believed would earn at least a few nasty sneers from a predictably disparaging peanut gallery.

The only caveat to everything going as I'd envisioned, was that I had also committed to watching my daughter's field hockey game (at her school an hour and a half away) and bringing her back to my ex for the weekend. By my estimation, I should be able to fit in both activities, although I'd likely have to miss the big parade. But certainly there'd be plenty - still under way, when finally I descended on Boyce at (my e.t.a. of) 3 o'clock...right?

WRONG...For one thing - I didn't pull up to my house until 4:45 that afternoon...soooo much later than I'd hoped. I speculated that surely by then I had to have missed the bulk of the celebratory goings-on - but I figured, "Hey. I'll never know unless I go and see" So...

I haphazardly gathered the essentials for my ensemble and proceeded to (attempt to) transform myself into a dude.

Yep, my hunch was dead-on. By the time I got to Boyce, most everyone had left and things had essentially come to a close...drats. Fortunately though, the concession stands were open - so I lucked into documenting myself demolishing a corn dog. Talk about devotion to one's craft, sheesh!...Under no other circumstances would I have eaten that crap (it was tasty though...I have to admit)

(Snapped on 10/02/10)

I snapped one corn dog's worth of pics., and then strolled to Town Hall, where I introduced myself to a father and his kids, who were chillin' out front on the steps. I explained to them that I take pictures of myself in various settings and scenarios and that today I was tryin' to look like a man. They were visibly confused (see how that one boy was beepin' at me?) and yet - completely cool with me doin' my thing. 

After taking one photo (with only me as the subject) I invited the two boys to join me if they wanted...and they did. Their big sister made a guest appearance a little later on. It was a hoot, they were great and I thought it so clever when the boy in the middle suggested we line up with our shirts in order - red, white and blue. Now that I think of it, this may have been my first set of pics. ever taken with folks other than me in ' there's that.

(Snapped on 10/02/10)

As the last few stragglers departed the big shindig, I took the liberty of snapping some more pics. in their midst. And yes...I got the hairy eyeball from most, and derogatory comments from many...Could someone please tell me why I get off on that shit?...

(Snapped on 10/02/10)

Mission (mostly) accomplished, I went home to partake in an even smaller celebration - for having done my very best to be a MAN. I grabbed a jumbo Miller Lite (and just who left that in my fridge?) and after only 3 swigs, I moved on to my girly vodka drinks...*urp*

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