Sunday, November 13, 2011

A One Shot Deal

(Snapped on 11/11/11)

I can honestly say that this has been the best weekend I've had, in what feels like a very long time (*sigh*)...and to kick off the merrymaking on Friday afternoon, I got to do something that I love to do, but for a variety of reasons - I haven't been afforded the luxury of doing, in absolutely freaking eons...I got to go horseback riding with friends!

 My two chums, myself and our mounts, enjoyed a most pleasant jaunt along trails and over fields, throughout some of idyllic Clarke County's most scenic acreage...and after we returned to the barn and partook in a celebratory libation (or several) I felt the familiar urge to seize the moment (and the setting) by staging a series of self-pics. in the barn....

I was far more successful at traumatizing the poor feller who tends to the stalls and the horses (as I paraded up and down the aisle of the barn, naked and partially so), than I was at getting quality images...however - I still don't consider this shoot to be a failure, because when I look at the pictures I can't help but smile...for I am reminded of a superb afternoon which segued into a wonderful weekend, and I feel more thankful than ever to have such sincerely good people in my life...


  1. with your amazing physique, and the sunset in the background this is an INCREDIBLE photo. add a horsie? whee!

  2. What a lovely picture. And somehow I doubt "traumatizing" would be the word the poor feller tending the stables would use to describe the experience! :)

  3. Absolutely stunning photo (and words), hon - and one of my favourites for this month! That means it'll be showing up on my blog in the first week of December, as I'm sure you know...

    xx Dee

  4. @daisyfae - "add a horsie? whee!" LOVE that! And frankly, that's precisely how I was feeling when I took this group of snaps...was the perfect way to punctuate an already stellar day...

  5. @Nathan - Why THANK You, Nathan! I'm stoked to hear that you like this photo!

    Seriously though, if you'd been there to see the poor feller's reaction - you would understand why I described him as appearing "traumatized"...Felt kinda badly about it, actually...

  6. @Curvaceous Dee - Get OUT! No WAY you like this pic. well enough to post as as one of your Photo Favorites! It's so funny to me when someone appreciates a picture that I find somewhat disappointing...ah well, as they say - different strokes, and all that...

    Anyhoo - Thank You SO much, Dee! You really are too good to me :)

  7. Amazing picture... but now I have images of you naked on horse back.


    Ps... I nominated you in Versatile Bloggers Awards list

  8. Like everyone else I loved the picture, but I must ask you to please post the other photos that you took that afternoon.....plzzzzz;)
    AMC 11/18/2011

  9. Love the color of the tress through the open door.Great shot