Monday, January 23, 2012

Holding Pattern

I'm alive...I haven't wandered off...I swear I'm still here - but. My beloved, trusty, ole Mac actually did bite the big one - a little over a week ago. The very capable experts at my nearby Apple Store - fixed my computer, but from Thursday - Saturday, I was repeatedly unsuccessful at restoring my old files onto the new hard drive...including all 35,000 + pics....*sigh*

It wasn't until my fourth panicked call to the online site where my files were backed up - that the nice guy on the phone was able to successfully troubleshoot the problems I was having with retrieving my data, and from Saturday afternoon until now - 100k out of 150k files have been returned to their rightful spot on my refurbished Mac. Sadly though, none of my self-portraits have found their way there yet...rendering all photo-related activities here, as well as on my tumblr - suspended, until further notice.

I'm writing this puny, pictureless post on my children's computer (which for some reason - will not let me upload the newest batch of pics. that I have on my camera, curses!) - while I leave mine alone and in peace, to (hopefully) guide 7 years-worth of photos and videos - of my kids, of my friends and of myself, plus the thousands of pics. that I've snapped with my iPhone - safely back home again.

Although I'm extremely anxious in regards to the unknown whereabouts of my absurdly large collection of pics. - I haven't given up hope...and pending a happy ending to this mess (fingers crossed) I shall be properly blogging again before long...Thank you for your continued patience :)


  1. That sickening, life-sucking feeling when you have lost so much so quickly is not fun. Pictures of your family cannot be replaced. I hope you get all of it back.

    PS: I'm doing a backup right now.

  2. Was an absolutely wretched feeling...The files are STILL slowly returning, and although I've been mostly too afraid to click around much on my computer while it's working - I did open some files yesterday, and found some self-portraits. There may be hope after all :)

    So glad to hear that you made tha wise decision to back your own stuff up! I wish this type of situation upon no one!

  3. what a pain. i've got an airport/time machine setup that has bailed me out a couple times. highly recommended!