Thursday, January 5, 2012

The "Vixens" Experiment - Part 1

(Snapped on 1/02/12)

So...I've decided to share the pics. that I recently shot at "Vixens" (a Gentleman's Club in Bunker Hill, WV) - over (at least) a couple of separate entries...and in this one - I'm keeping my mouth mostly shut. The one exception being: to offer up the biggest, hugest, most gigundo THANK YOU! to the amazingly accommodating, incredibly cool, and incomparably nice folks who so graciously allowed me to do my thing there...

That being said, the floor is now open to you my dear readers - for questions, comments, discussion, what have you...all of which are strongly encouraged. I'm counting on you guys to provide the text for this post (please?), and I promise to do my part the next time...capiche?


  1. 1. I love the shoes. They make your legs look very long.
    2. Is the bar as empty as it seems? I see no reflections of drooling patrons.
    3. I like the softness of your hair being down rather than up.
    4. The thing that keeps me coming back to your blog is the contrast of seeing a beautiful woman in an unlikely place. Be this an abandoned structure or a natural setting. In this photo we have exactly what we would expect: nudity in a nudie bar. Which, in a strange way, is not where I would expect to find you taking pictures of yourself.
    5. I like it.

  2. Having been there once with friends, I can attest that the venue is not used to such beauty and class. That said, the frat-boy in me wants to know why I wasn't there as I go reaching for my wallet! LOL

  3. Sorely dissapointed that I wasn't there to witness this act. I would have tipped nicely LL : )So how much did you make? And as usual I LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Hello!!! Do you come here often? Are you working your way through college too? ....Lol
    The photo brings back so many good memories of my awkward high school years. I can't wait for the rest of the photos.
    AMC 1/6/2012

  5. i want a lap dance!

  6. Ok soooo...I'm def gonna reply to each of these comments properly, as soon as I get the chance - PROmise! But right NOW I gotsta to get all dolled up - cuz it's friday night and I wanna go out! And here's what I think...we should all meet up at Vixens toNIGHT - to celebrate! I'll be there sometime after 9:30...So get yer butts on UP there and bring lotsa $, because the dancers and servers deserve tons of LOVE!!!

  7. Well sorry I missed the invite for Friday.
    I think that place used to be called Fantasy Lounge.I'm sorry but as much as I appreciate you in your al nature state I too enjoy the unlikely places you find to pose.Not to say I I'm not kicking myself for checking back in time to head there and meet yah.

  8. @Anonymous #1 - 1.) It's so funny...cuz whenever readers meet me in person, one of the first things they comment on, is how much shorter I am in real life than I look in my pics. (I'm 5'4"). Standing on my tippy toes or wearing heels, along with a pretty specific camera angle - definitely helps to create the optical illusion that I'm NOT the shrimp that I actually am!

    2.) DAMN you! YES! The bar was completely empty (I'll write all about that in the next post) I was wondering if (hoping that) it was at least a leeetle bit believable that I was stripping for an audience...drats!

    3.) I have horrible hair...I can never seem do much with it...but THANK You! Maybe I should straighten it and wear it down more often.

    4.) I know exactly what you mean...naked self-pics in a strip club is almost too obvious (?)...or something. But I havta say, this shoot was far more intimidating than I ever expected it would be...even withOUT an audience...

    5.) ...and I LOVED it!

    Thanks so much for contributing to this post - I appreciate ALL of your comments!

  9. @Anonymous #2 - I don't know when it was that you were there last, but may I suggest that you give Vixens another try? I am consistently impressed with how clean and well-run the club friendly the staff is - from the bartenders, to the bouncers, to the cocktail waitresses...and how engaging the dancers are - whether because of their talents on stage (and I mean that in all seriousness!)...or their wide range of fun, unique and interesting personalities...or their sheer physical beauty (there are some REALly gorgeous girls up in that piece!) I literally cannot summon a single negative remark to make about Vixens or the people who work there...

    Go back, sometime - you'll see what I mean...and who knows - it may just wind up to be the night that I finally get naked in the sky cage, with people watching!

  10. @Anonymous #3 - Hopefully it won't be the LAST time I do this! I'll be sure and let my readers know if I ever get the chance to take a stab at dancing for a real, live audience...

  11. @Anonymous #4 (AMC) - I hope to have more pics. posted toNIGHT! Please stay tuned!!!

  12. @Anonymous #5 - I wanna GIVE one!!!

  13. @Anonymous #6 - Not to worry, Shuggah - I plan on going back to Vixens...OFten!

  14. Anonymous#6 Back Again checking for that update since there wasn't one looked back at a few of your earlier works (wonderful again) .Now all I want is a shot @ the 2012 calender since I missed 2011 any chance one is in the works?
    Rick :)

  15. I am Anon #2 - please don't think or hear that I was knocking Vixens (it was a Saturday after wine-tasting in VA), because that was not my intent. Instead, it was meant to complement you. If Vixens was closer and I had seen the post about Friday, the 6th, I might have actually gone! LOL But again, it was meant to express how lovely and sexy you were. One final thought - when I mean sexy, I don't just mean your body. I mean you hold yourself with such confidence and poise that it is quite attractive

  16. I am BvilleMaraMan and I recently went to Legz, down the street from Vixens, to see a friend dance. I too was taken by the culture. Good for you. I love your openness to life.

  17. ok so I know this post is well over a year old but got to it through your resurrected link.. but need to say, wow, not only is it a very well taken photo and that I love the style / look / angle / etc but you look absolutely amazing, I never would have guessed you were 5"4 either! you definitely take amazing selfies! and thats no easy feat either.

    1. @Mark - Why, THANK You Mark! JEEZ! You're gonna give me a big head, if you're not careful :) I really appreciate all of your comments...even on (or maybe esPEcially on) such an ancient, old post!