Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Expectations

(All pics. snapped on 2/16/12)

For the last little while, I've been in the midst of a thrilling (and yet terrifying) self-inflicted, transitional phase...and needless to say, because of that - things have been more than just a little topsy-turvy around here, to say the least. 

After quitting my job a couple of weeks ago, I dove headlong into the (somewhat tedious, at times even daunting) process of making what I guess could be considered - lateral career moves. All the jitters aside though, I am super excited about both of my new well as optimistic that I might finally be making positive changes in my life that (hope, hope) - could actually wind up leading me down a pathway to success.........for once

That being said, I did not bring this mess up with the intention of going into elaborate detail about my big "career shift" in this post (I promise you'll get the lowdown once I've dotted every "i", jumped through every hoop, and have all of my ducks in a row). Mostly, I just wanted you guys to know - that although I'm admittedly terrified about rolling the dice the way I am - I'm confident that in the end it will all pay off. It simply has to...I havta believe that... 

The crazy part about all of that though is, once I was officially unemployed? I was totally expecting to have this glorious glut of extra time to do whatever...specifically though - to tend to my selfpics and my blog. Ha! I literally have had days recently, where it was all I could do to find ample time to sit and take a piss...I shit you not. And on top of that - seems like every time I do make time to get hunkered down in my desk chair so that I can upload and edit pics., or write - my computer (even with its brand new, $220 hard drive) acts like a damn just freezes up...while the cursor does that annoying, rainbow, spinny wheel thing. Guh.


Somewhat similarly (sort of) - while on the way to my son's basketball game a few weekends ago, I spied the house in which the pictures in this post were shot. I was immediately intrigued by its deliciously crude appearance, but also intimidated by its high visibility to passersby (it sits out in the open, at the intersection of two four lane highways...catty corner to the newest, bustling Wal-Mart in this area)

When I went there two days later in order to stage this (disappointing) shoot, I was nearly overcome with nerves as I brazenly strode across the very public, private property - and then climbed into the house through a busted-out window sash...all the while wondering if, or how many people driving past might see me, and subsequently do the right(?) thing, and call the cops. Nevertheless, I felt confident that I was taking the risk of being caught trespassing - for the benefit of my art...and I was good with that. 

All I can say is this - I hope that my instincts about quitting my job so that I might pursue other career options, in the hopes of ultimately realizing some pretty big dreams - pays better dividends than this risky shoot did...blah.