Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Series of Fortunate Events

 It's already been 8 days since I published my last post, and because I don't want to fall even further behind - I'm gonna save time by keeping the text a little less frilly than usual...

(All pics. snapped on 9/11/12)

- I did a photo shoot on Sunday at a forbidden location, after my 10 year old daughter (of all people) suggested it.

- I was pleased enough with the new pics. to begin writing about them on Monday morning, and when I was only about a paragraph away from finishing the entry - my good friend texted me to see if I wanted to go for a motorcycle ride.

- I saved the nearly completed blog entry, hopped on my moto, and followed my friend until we stopped for lunch - 3 states away in Maryland. 

- Giddy as a school girl about having just put 110 single trip miles on the odometer - I parked my bike in the garage, and kicked back on the front porch with a vodka cocktail in my hand, while my friend swilled his favorite Natty Bo.

- Shortly thereafter, another friend ("Caveman") showed up...and after shootin' the breeze with the two guys for an hour or two, I told them that soon I would have to bid them both farewell...I was growing anxious about getting my blog entry posted in a timely fashion.

- Caveman said, "You should let me write your stupid blog entry"...I asked him if he was serious, he said that he was, and I said, "Ok"...I had never before featured a guest writer on my blog - and so it seemed like a clever idea.

- While emailing Caveman the photos that I'd intended to use in the entry - I got a call from my old friend (the one that I bitched about in last week's post, remember?). He was at his neighbors' house, and he wanted to know if I might like to join them.

- My plan to work on the blog that evening, now safely in Caveman's hands - I was free to go call a truce with my old friend, and then party with him and his pals.

- After my self-portraits came up in conversation, my old friend's neighbor offered to let me take pics. down by the creek that borders his property, where the banged-up Buick (seen in these pics.) sits immobile and cantilevered above the shallow water.

- We all stayed up way too late, but I did still somehow manage to get up early this morning - partly because I was eager to see what Caveman had written about my pics.! Oh, and my old friend and I did bury the I was really glad about that.

- Although I was confused by Caveman's bizarre interpretation of my pics., and not all that psyched to share his off-putting prose with my readers - I felt that I should post his piece anyway...if for no other reason - he had apparently put a lot of time into, I doubted that anyone would find it, um...boring.

- I copied each paragraph that Caveman had composed for the blog, from the email in which I had received it - and pasted it onto the blog entry that I had started, but that only had the images that I'd uploaded - still remaining. Each time that I clicked "publish post" though, and then checked to make sure that everything looked the way that it should? I discovered that much of the text had mysteriously disappeared.

- Next I tried retyping every single word that Caveman had sent to me, directly onto the blog entry form page...but whole blocks of text kept vanishing inexplicably.

- After 15 or so failed attempts to successfully publish the blessed thing, I started to get seriously pissed off.

- I decided that I would try to fix the entry a little later on, and left my house to go stage the Buick pics....before the entire day vanished, as well.

- My old friend's neighbor could not have been more hospitable, just such a supremely nice guy. He showed me how to get to the creek and the car, and left me to do my thing for almost 2 hours. When he realized how long I'd been gone though, he came down to check and make sure that the Buick hadn't toppled off of the bank and landed on top of me.

- The neighbor kept me company while I finished taking my last group of pics., after which we reviewed the entire bunch, and chatted as we bathed in the late, summer sun.

- At that point I realized that it might be more prudent to post these pics., instead of the ones that I'd taken at the forbidden location - those other ones had the potential to land me in hot I wasn't all that keen on publishing Caveman's pejorative narrative. So, see? It was actually a good thing that I hadn't been able to publish that other post.

- I came home, edited and uploaded my pics., and now that I've finished writing about 'em, I think I shall shuffle off to bed feeling content for a change...night, night...


  1. Replies
    1. @M - Gonna do my best! Thanks for stoppin' by!

  2. Love the last shot of you with your legs crossed ! Again, very sexy. Such a lovely body. I think your photos are getting more exciting and sensual. The b&W shot was also cool. Love to see more B&W,moody stuff. Look forward to viewing your work as always...Patrick

    1. @Patrick - I've been taking a bunch of black and white pics. with my film cameras, lately (no self-portraits, just photos of things and other people - I'll post some soon on "Little Pretties"), but I think because of that - I'm getting more into the idea of editing certain of my selfies to blk & wt, also...matter of fact - I did a few new pics. like that, just last night!

      Thanks for being so positive, and upbeat! It's always nice to hear from you :)

  3. I love photo# 4 (inside the car), I'm sure you checked to make sure that the car wasn't going to roll while you were inside?? Scary and awesome at the same time.
    How did you set up the timer, climbed into the car and got ready to pose in less than 10 seconds? You are amazing....keep it up.
    AMC 09/14/2012

    1. @AMC - I was actually more scared that the car was gonna roll down the bank, and on top of me - when I was doing the #2 group of pics....I tugged on it pretty hard before I took the shots, but even still - something about doing those pics. felt kinda wrong. Made me pretty nervous...

      It makes me so happy when folks acknowledge how difficult it can be to capture certain of my pics. in only 10 seconds! And out of this entire series of self-portraits, the ones where I'm inside of the car - were by FAR the most challenging to get (that's why I only ended up with 10 total frames). Because, yeah - I set the timer, ran through the water, climbed up the bank, quickly crawled through a TINY opening in the trunk (and ended up bruised and scraped over much of my body, because I was rushing so while squeezing through the gap), and then tried to get into a reasonable pose and hold it - without freaking out about whether or not there were snakes in there with me...*shiver*. I DID see some enormous spiders, but no snakes...thank god.

      It'a always nice to see you on here! Thank You!

  4. Wow!!! I just noticed that you have a big bush growing between your legs on the first picture!!! lol ;)
    AMC 09/14/2012

  5. Still a neighbor...still a fan! Keep it up! Need a bodyguard sometime? Im sasquatch sized...

    1. @Jack Starry - ...And I'm still takin' pics.! Took some new ones last night, and if I get all of my chores done - I should complete the series sometime today!

      Friends do worry about me being alone, and naked (most of the time) in the sketchy places where I sometimes end up - but so far, I haven't felt like I needed a bodyguard...I'll definitely hit you up though, if anything changes - THANK YOU!

  6. These are utterly gorgeous photos, Lauralyn - you do find the most incredible places to get shots! (The second one, for the angles and contrasting shapes, is my favourite.)

    The very very strange Caveman post showed up in my RSS reader, although obviously not here on the site. You're not kidding that it's extremely odd (I wonder if he thought he was being funny? Because he really wasn't). I mean REALLY. Your images definitely deserve far better and more respectful guest-writing than that.


  7. @Curvaceous Dee - Oh boy...I wonder how many other people were subjected to Caveman's unique interpretation of me and my pics....kinda scary to think about...

    Anyway, I AM glad to know that you're digging' these pics.! This will definitely go down in the annals of Big Ugly history - as being one of my favorite shoots :)