Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I've Fallen...

(Both pics. snapped on 10/04/12)

...and I CAN get up...

To say that I didn't enjoy this shoot, would actually be sort of sugar-coating the truth...cuz the truth is - I pretty much hated every aspect of it...and even worse, the pictures turned out to be complete and total duds. Bleh.

I'll refrain from itemizing each and every grievance that I have with what went down on this (actually very cool) abandoned farm, the day I shot there though - partly because I'm in too good of a mood to be all whiney, and complainy...but also because, although I did wanna check in with you guys (to let you know that I haven't gone missing), I just don't have much time right now, to scribble a whole lot.

However, (assuming I don't psyche myself out of going through with the shoot that I've been all nervous and fidgety about for the last coupla days) I oughtta be back in a jiff…


  1. I don't know lady, I kinda enjoyed the 2nd shot of you bouncing up and down! Wonder what you have planned next that is making you nervous as well as excited ! Did the skyline drive thing Monday, but was kind of a shitty day, back home safe and sound in PA.Fufilling weekend though-:)
    Can't wait to see your new stuff-Patrick

    1. @Patrick - Glad to hear you enjoyed your little jaunt down here in good, ole Virginny! Sorry the weather wasn't better while you were here though :(