Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Riding Out Hurricane Sandy

(All pics. snapped between 10/29/12 and 10/31/12)

On Monday of this week, folks living on the East Coast here in The States - were bracing themselves for the dreaded arrival of Hurricane Sandy. Those of us who live slightly more inland, were preparing for the smaller scale of havoc that she would wreak here as well - with her anticipated inches of torrential rain, and high sustained winds with gusts slated to reach up to 70 mph. Naturally power outages were expected, as trees would predictably become uprooted from the saturated ground, during the hours-long onslaught of Sandy's relentless winds.

My kids were with their dad that night, and so instead of staying home to ride Sandy out all alone - I packed up what I considered to be the most critical storm essentials: some candles, a bottle of vodka, and my camera equipment - and drove to my old friend's house to stay the night. I don't know about you guys, but I believe that the best way to weather any sort of catastrophic storm like this, is to do it with someone you fancy. 

I pulled up to my old friend's house a few hours before Sandy was to finally hit our area - luckily though, I found plenty of activities to keep me busy in the interim... 

I tried to make myself at least somewhat useful, by tidying the basement a little...

...but I quickly grew bored of doing stupid, ole chores - so...I went out to my friend's garage to have some fun for awhile.

I was tired and hungry after all of that roller skating, so I took a load off and ate an apple on the big bay window sill.

But then, feeling sort of guilty about slackin' off the way I had been, I went back to doing what I could to earn my keep... 

...and after all of my work was done, I messed around some more - but then kicked back and chilled until Sandy'd finally run her course… 


  1. i love it! so hott! i would like to be there with you!

    1. @Anonymous - Aw COOL! So glad to hear that you like these pics.! (I wonder if three might've been a crowd though, had you been there...) :)

  2. Wow!! Next time you need shelter you can come to my place, I will keep you warm, feed you and make sure you are not bored!! I'm praying for a blizzard very!
    AMC 11/01/2012

    1. @AMC - Haha! All right, sounds like a plan ;)

  3. Great stuff ! Sandy kicked my ass, dropped a tree on my house ! Love the last shot best (of course), but being bi, three's a crowd has always worked for me (haha). Really sexy,sensual stuff- your fan,Patrick

  4. @Patrick - Oh, DAMN! That TOtally sucks about the tree, Patrick - so sorry! Glad you like my pics., though...even the pervy one, Ha!

  5. Replies
    1. @Ted - Haha! I look a bit "beefy" in that one, don't I...

  6. Replies
    1. @Stephanie Frye - I honestly have no clue...I just pushed buttons on the components of my friend's (somewhat intimidating) home theater system, until the TV came on, but then I left it on that channel. I didn't really pay much attention to the movie though - was something about a good girl/bad boy couple in Ireland...maybe set in the '40's?