Friday, November 2, 2012

A Golden Opportunity

(Snapped on 8/22/10 - at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, in Richmond, Va.)

A collection of my self-portraits was recently added to 1650 Gallery's "Artist Spotlight" webpage (<------ kindly click here please, to view if you'd like), along with the portfolios of photographers: Osmyn Oree, and Mark Hedengren. I am beyond grateful to 1650 Gallery for featuring my work, thus enabling me to gain more exposure as an artist - Thank You so much for providing me with this auspicious opportunity to reach a broader audience!!!


  1. It is time for your photos to be seen by a larger audience and to be judged for their artistic value. I've also mentioned before that they are good enough to provide a you a steady and substantial income...God Bless.
    AMC 11/062012

    1. @AMC - I hope you're would be a dream come true, to actually make my living from being a self-portrait artist. I need to try and have as positive an outlook on things, as you do! THANK You!

  2. Congratulations on being shown in a prestigious gallery. Your work deserves recognition.

  3. maybe because i've had the good fortune to meet you- maybe i'm biased...but i've been looking at a lot of other folk's photo works since i met you...and they all seem pale by comparison to yours...posed pictures- that's it!!..your pics have grit and life in them...hidden stories...discoveries are made with each viewing....your energy/vitality and especially talent comes thru loud and clear...your little pretties are awesome...thank you for being such a treat...a feral mind is a good thing to have....