Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happier'n A Pig In Shit

I did some work today, for my good girlfriend with whom sadly - I haven't spent much time at all, over these last few months. We chit-chatted cheerily about this and that, and at some point during our conversation - we reminisced about the hella fun photo shoot I staged months ago at her boyfriend's farm, with his passel of prized Large Black Hogs.  

Knowing that I wouldn't have a chance to stage any new selfpics today, but that I still needed to decide on which of my older self-portraits to post - I thought it fitting to feature not one, but two of the pig pictures in my girlfriend's honor - since for one thing, she was instrumental in seeing that this wacky idea of mine came to fruition way back when...and secondly, because she provided me with the welcome opportunity to earn a chunk of much-needed cash - today...THANK YOU!

Oh and also, Thanks again to her boyfriend - for granting me permission to stage this shoot on his property, with his rare, heritage breed hogs...and for sending his righthand man over that day, to make sure that nothing went wrong. Because of all that you guys did to make this shoot possible (pigs included!) I wasn't only happy by the time I was done, I was literally wallowing in shit :D

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