Monday, December 10, 2012

"Little Brother" Was Watching


  1. Mmm...beautiful. Not sure I understand the title of this post though. But who cares with a pic like this!

  2. @Adam - THANK You! Yeah, I didn't expect anyone to get the title unless I offered some sort of explanation...soooo, since you mentioned it - here it is: One of my very best friends is a guy who is much younger than I am - and because of that, I guess I kinda think of him as a little brother, as well as a friend. Anyway, he knows that I'm always looking for new places to stage my pics, and so after he came across this waterfall while out on a hike one day - he told me about it (naturally I was dying to see it), and then he took me there (I never would've been able to find it on my own). Although he did wander off to explore for a spell - he still witnessed most of this shoot.

  3. Great contrast!! You look like a little doll alongside the large boulders that make the waterfall.
    I can see that the water was cold!! Good Job....

    AMC 12/10/12

    1. @AMC - HAHAHA! You Rascal!!! Ya' damn RIGHT, the water was cold!

      Anyway, moving on...the rock wall behind the falls was MASSive! I wanted so badly to be able to move my camera back even further, so that I could get more of their magnitude in the frame...but it was hard enough to get from where he camera already was, down and across all of the slippery, slime-covered rocks, to my mark, and into a reasonable pose before the shutter clicked...

      'Preciate you stopping by!