Monday, January 28, 2013



  1. I remember your "way back when" post from the original blog. I remember thinking, "why the f^ck would anyone care that you are taking picturres of yourself?". When i read it today, i thought the same damned thing.

  2. @Ted - For whatever reason, it just really does freak people out. I mean, let's face it - people in general, are sheep - in the ways that they think, and act. They feel more comfortable when they're doing the same thing that everyone else is doing...and so when they see someone like me, behaving in a way that they know they themselves would never be caught DEAD behaving - I think that's a little bit threatening to them...because either a.) I truly am a crazy person on the loose, or b.) unlike them, I don't give a fuck about what folks think of me. I'm convinced that most people secretly wish they COULD be more free, but they're too scared to be different from everyone else in the flock...and that makes them resentful of anyone who ISN'T afraid...

  3. I totally agree with at the same time i know i fall into the same sheep-dip trap from time to time. That is when i hop on my motorcycle or crank up some Gogol Bordello and remind myself that i am not a sheep, unless i am, in which case, eff it. Then i go and write a poem about self-snaps or something