Sunday, May 19, 2013

Leaving A Trail Of Crumbs

Thanks to my dear, dear friend who allowed me to descend upon her farm, at a moment's notice - so that I could enjoy an entire afternoon of intensive shooting! Loves Ya', Chica!

Pssst...don't forget to click here to read about (and hopefully submit to?) The Big Ugly Self-Portrait Challenge :D


  1. Yeah you get rid of that bad White bread! Amazing dress and shot btw :) something simpler from you i suppose :) but i still enjoy it!

    1. @Osmyn Oree - Haha! Yeah, I never actually even EAT bread - white, wheat, rye - ANY kind!

      I love the dress that I wore for this group of pics....I just recently scored a ton of really cool costumes from a local dance studio, so I've been trying to come up with ways to incorporate them in my shoots :)

  2. How early do you get up woman! lol and im trying to not eat bread and THATS YOUR SECRET! lol you dont eat bread ;P haha but that;s awesome about all of the clothes youve gotten i cant wait! to see what you're in and then subsequently not in lol :P but yeah excited about a lot of things lately :) haha me and you both!

    1. @Osmyn Oree - MOST days, I get up around 5...not toDAY though...(ooooh...ow, my head)

      Yeah, I'm one of those "low - no carbs" fanatics...been eating this way for like 8 or 9 years, now. It really does help to keep me a lot leaner, especially since I don't really do any sort of regular exercise. But you've been looking lean yourSELF, these days Osmyn! What's the thing you've been doing - is it P90X?

      I'll see if I can get even more of the dance costumes to bring up for the big weekend! But yeah, most likely I probably won't actually end up wear them all that much...we shall see!

      BTW, Good Luck to You in the Exposure Competition!!! I have a feeling you're going to do exTREMEly well! Maybe post the link to your See.Me page on your tumblr., so we can drool over your submission, and VOTE for you!!!