Friday, November 1, 2013

Good Vibes! this very cool thing happened earlier today! I checked my blog stats (as I am wont to do), and noticed a sudden, and rawther dramatic spike in hits - so then next, I saw that the source of all of this unexpected, but welcomed activity on The Big Ugly - was a reddit link...aaaaand so naturally, I quickly clicked on the link to see what it was all about...

Turns out, a redditor named PolyHedonist had very graciously put up a post about me and the blog! I was so blown away by this generous demonstration of kindness, that - as my way of saying, "THANK YOU!!!" to the benevolent redditor - I promised to try and publish a new blog post today (I'm in hyper-spas mode, trying to get ready for tonight's, "Demons & Monsters" Opening and Artists Reception at 1 lb. Gallery, so wasn't entirely sure it it would happen or not)...but anyway - here it is!

Oh, and while I'm dolling out sincere appreciation for good deeds, "Thank You!" also to my friend who not only always replies with an enthusiastic, "Yes!" whenever I ask for permission to shoot on his property, but who just last weekend, invited me to shoot in yet another of his kickass buildings (seen in the pics. above, as well as here). A big, gigantic, "THANKS!" to you both!!!

(I'm loving all of the good and positive energy that's making the my life feel so electric, these days - WOO!)


  1. I couldn't get to the reddit link?!? Help.

    And, that second picture if my FAVORITE ever picture of you. Your body looks like the boning structure to the building. It's fantastic!

    1. @Ella - Oh, COOL! I'm stoked that you like the second pic., as much as you do, Ella! I got kinda freaked out when I was taking this set, cuz I stepped in the nastiest fresh pile of some sort of animal poop, which squooshed up in between two of my toes (GAG!) and there was no way for me to wash it off, until after I'd finished shooting, and had gone back outside where I did find a puddle in which to wash off my foot...I just kept repeating, "Ew!…Ew!…Ew!…Ew!…" until I was finished with this shoot, and I worried that my discomfort with the disgusting incident, might've registered in the pics....

  2. Beautiful pictures - I was going to say, that looks difficult to get into as a pose...but reading your comment above certainly shows the difficulties of getting great naked shots in wonderfully unique places! The discomfort certainly doesn't register in the pictures either...I really like these. Do you ever get too cold?