Friday, July 31, 2015

Slashed and Burned

(Snapped on 7/31/15 - using a Sony Cybershot, and then edited on iPhoto)

Well this sure was a fun one! And I really do mean that - I absolutely loved finally doing this shoot, after trying to psyche myself into it over the last a couple of weeks. And miraculously, I barely even hurt myself while stomping through, and rolling around in the ash, and broken ceramic tiles, and nails, and good knows what else - I only ended up with one deep slice on the top of my left foot.

The government water is flowing nicely today too, so after I got back home - I was so stoked to have been able to shower all of the black char and sweat off of my filthy, disgusting body, and out of my brutally teased, nasty rat's nest hair! (Too bad that I clogged the damn shower drain in the process…)

Been a great day already…but now, if you'll kindly excuse me - think I'll go down to the beach and see if I can find even more fun to get into. Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. These are so beautiful as always Lauralyn--I especially love the 2nd shot!!

    1. @Penny - Thank You so very much! I was really excited when I saw how the 2nd pic turned out…one of my new faves

  2. The second shot is truly stunning with the ice-hot flaming sword hanging over you Damocles-style and you with multiple shadows, wow! In the first shot I kept seeing your boobs behind a goat head on the wall, which seemed somehow in keeping with the demonic look of your eyes. Then I realized it was your shirt. I'm so embarrassed.