Thursday, February 11, 2016

Caught...Between a Rock and a Hard Place

(All pics. snapped on 2/10/16, using a Sony Cybershot, and edited with Instagram filters)

Not a bad place to spend the afternoon shooting, eh? (Well, except for the fact that I did shred certain parts of my body while scurrying in and out of, and up onto and down from - all of those rough and jagged rocks). All of the fun ended abruptly however, when after having taken about 1 1/2 hours worth of pics., I looked up to see someone standing on the high rock above me - watching me with a confused look on his face…he asked, "What are you doing?" "Taking pictures", I replied. The expression on his face did not change…at all. He was still clearly very perplexed...

Not sure just how long the dude had been witnessing my antics, but the instant that I noticed him - I threw on my coverup, gathered my gear, and hurriedly skedaddled on outta there. Lord does that sort of thing freak me out...


  1. I can't believe he actually asked you what you were doing! You could have very well asked him the exact same thing, with the same perplexed look on your face. Assuming he was looking at your face.

    PS I appreciate the abuse your body takes for the sake of your art.

    1. Hahaha! Good point! But I was just so startled when I saw him there, I didn't exactly have my wits about me. All I wanted to do was get dressed, and beat feet on outta there...

  2. Replies
    1. THANKS! My best birthday present this year - a buncha Black Powers!

  3. As always, beautiful work. Thank you for sharing your artistic talents with all of us.