Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Molly...

(All pics. snapped on 4/11/11)

...I can't even tell you how surprised and delighted I was, when I read that you had selected The Big Ugly as the second ever recipient of your "Molly's Daily Kiss" - Kiss of the Week award!

Where to even begin THANKing You - for your kindness and generosity...mmmmuuuuuah!!!

I'm sure that you would agree - props must also be given to the ever-benevolent Curvaceous Dee...for if she had not featured your photo and mine as two of her March Photo Favourites, you and I might never have crossed virtual paths... 

And so a big, juicy, smoochy THANKS! - to both of you fabulous ladies...

All the best to you, Molly - in your blogging and photographic endeavors...I look forward to savoring the spoils of your toils!

Fondly and Sincerely,



  1. Dear Lauralyn

    The pleasure is all mine, finding your blog felt a bit like unwrapping a rather exciting present. I spent ages looking through it, thinking, oh wow I have discovered a hidden gem.

    Thank you so much for this lovely post, seeing my name here, after falling head over heals in love with your blog made me all warm and fuzzy....LOL

    Good luck and keep going, I am for one am addicted.


  2. Molly, this post is the LEAST I could do...after all that you've done for me...


  3. You do live in a lovely area, that last against the tree is lovely. Fantastic pics as always. I like the theme... replying to Molly and showing the photos being taken. You are just SOOOooo creative!

  4. @Adrian - Why, THANK You! All of these pics. were taken here at my house and around my yard. It's funny - cuz I took them a week before I wrote this post, and I honestly wasn't sure what I would do with them when the time finally came to write about 'em. I was super happy that I had them though, when I was trying to come up with a way to thank Molly...

  5. @Curvaceous Dee - Jeez! Like SERiously...what TOOK me so long, right?!

    Thanks for everything, Dee!

  6. Yey! I just spent the last hour catching up on your blog and pictures...That abandoned house that was all open to the sky! I like your portraits even more now thinking about the mood and personalities of the houses and how they are affecting you. Sometimes places get abandoned for a good reason!
    I want to come play.

  7. @Julie Elkins - AHHH! You so NICE! Thanks for spending all that time readin' mah blog! It's great to hear that the mood of the houses themselves, resonates to the viewer through the pics....mission accomplished!

    And YES! Gitcher butt up here to the country, girl!