Saturday, April 30, 2011

Then...and Now

(Snapped on 5/01/10)

It's crazy to think that the photo above, was snapped a whole entire year ago - today. And the only reason that I happened to even remember that it was - is because the local Apple Blossom Parade is underway, as we speak - just as it is every year - on the Saturday over the first weekend in May. 

Last year my youngest daughter was one of Queen Apple Blossom's Little Maids, and she rode with the Queen on a float in the parade. I should mention that I abhor every aspect of Apple Blossom; from the hellacious crowds, and obnoxious drunks - to the nauseating pink and green theme colors - I literally have no tolerance for any part of it. But last year, I sucked it up and did the right thing...I put on a happy face, and walked two miles from the closest parking place I could find, in order to watch my child perform her royal duties... 

The instant she reached the end of the parade route, and disembarked from that god-awful float - I told her how proud I was, gave a hug and a kiss, and left her in the care of her "Bloom"-lovin' dad.

Once home again, I hopped on my lawn tractor - all set to mow for the remainder of the day...which was a nice idea in theory - but (as seems to be my curse) my mower suffered yet another malfunction, and was rendered completely useless, midway through.

I was so disappointed. But then I got the big idea - to make use of the clunker as a prop for my pics.. I put it in neutral, pushed it to a (fairly) tidy spot in the yard - and got busy staging my 10th ever self-portrait shoot.

Lookin' back at 'em now, it kinda cracks me up that I was so proud of the way that these self-pics. turned out. I mean...they were not difficult to capture, my poses were - eh? And they're devoid of anything mysterious or odd - that might leave viewers scratching their heads.

(Snapped on 4/28/11)

Anyway, here we year later...Apple Blossom time again. Besides the fact that I did not have to attend (YIP!) I guess the biggest difference this year - is that my mower just got fixed, and after picking it up from my repair guy this morning - I spent the day cutting grass, instead of snappin' pics..  

(Snapped on 4/28/11)

That being said, I did take some self-portraits on Thursday of this week (THANK You, nice lady with the house and the field!) and although in posting this group out of sequence, I'm breaking my "chronological order" rule - it's clearly the best way to make the comparison between where I was last year, and what I'm doing now

(Snapped on 4/28/11)

Oh and hey listen, if it seems like I'm rushing to get through this post - I can't deny that I definitely am. Which is sort of a shame, cuz there's lots that I'd love to write about this house, if I didn't have like 55 other things to do - before this day and the month...are finis.

(Snapped on 4/28/11)

I'll be curious to see how I feel about these new snaps, once a whole 'nother year has gone by. But for now, let's just hope that my stuff's gotten better - since I took those silly tractor pics. last Apple Blossom...


  1. The new snaps are great. Is it a crime that I think you look exquisite in them?


  2. @socalrider111 - Not at all...Thank You so much for SAYin' so :)

  3. I can see how you have grown as a photographer and as a model... but I must say that all of your pictures are wonderful :-)

  4. @Domsigns - I just came indoors, after mowing my yard in the drizzling rain for a couple of hours...and reading your comment felt better than the hot shower that I'm about to take...Thank You, THANK you!

  5. I love the picture of you through the glass door.....and it's funny if i look back at my blog a year ago there were very few pictures of me, but once I caught the photography bug I couldn't stop


  6. @Molly - I totally know what you mean...It's completely addicting, isn't it? I actually STARTed my blog because I had so many pictures, and I didn't know what else to DO with them...

  7. I have the same mower!

    Your reddit comments aren't totally useless. Your site got at least one more visitor today because of them. :)

    I can't believe you don't embrace The Bloom, but your explanation makes sense. You either love it or hate it.

  8. @A Redditor - Get OUT! You've got the same mower?! (I wonder if you've had as much mechanical trouble with YOURS over the years - as I have...*grumble*)

    Yep, it's true. I was a thorn in the sides of a LOT of Redditors, over the brief period of time that I was on there...But I AM glad to learn that SOME good came (comes) from making an appearance every once in awhile (Thanks so much for stoppin' by!)

    Haha! Embrace the Bloom? Definitely not. Avoid it all costs? Absolutely...It's one party that's just not for me.