Sunday, April 15, 2012

Things Happen in Twos

(Both pics. snapped on 4/14/12)

The last two weeks have been real humdingers (to put it mildly)...that is to say, both emotionally draining, and physically taxing...the latter of which, almost always works in tandem with the former (speaking only for myself, of course)...and what I mean by that is: whenever inordinately stressful situations, cause me to get worked up into one of my classic, anxiety-induced meltdowns - my stomach in turn retaliates, by tying itself up in agonizingly painful knots, and refusing to accept much nourishment at all...outside of spoonfuls of peanut butter, and stiff vodka cocktails. 

Trust me when I tell ya' that two weeks in a row of that shit - does take a toll on a person's mind, body and soul... 

Not gonna go into specifics about either of the two separate scenarios that gnawed at my heart, and ravaged my gut - #1.) because both situations are (for the most part) resolved now, and #2.) even though I have essentially come out on the other side of each one of these trying dilemmas - trudging through the troublesome mires for days on end, has left me sapped of my usual boundless energy...

I will tell you this though, snapping nary a self-portrait over the course of my couple weeks-long tizzy - further exacerbated my escalating malaise...I mean, by now we all know how much more Mama suffers, when she's remiss in turning to her selfies as a means by which to seek some semblance of solace in times of strife.

By late yesterday morning, my stomach was so completely wrecked, that I seriously began to wonder if the derned thing had maybe started to eat a hole through itself. But uplifting, back-to-back visits from two female friends, helped me muster the gumption to collect myself (and my gear) - and call on another friend (the one with the apple orchard, remember?) for permission to take last minute pics. at his place...for the second time in almost as many weeks.

I can't remember staging any shoot before this one, where I snapped steadily for two hours (all the way up until my camera battery crapped out) and racked up a satisfactory 100+ pics. - after having only delved into two completely different themes...

Any other time, I would've been disappointed by the deficit in diversity - but not this time. Although I left my friend's orchard knowing that I'd have no more than a puny two pictures to post on this entry - I was cognizant that the value in this shoot had little to do with the quantity, or even the quality of the pics. themselves. For me, it was more about the therapeutic value of having gotten up offa my stupid, mopey ass - and taken respite from the tummy aches for a coupla glorious hours...


  1. Glad you're back in action! I've had an anxiety-filled past few weeks as well. It sounds like we are very similar creatures. My stomach does the same thing. I've been subsisting mostly on toast. Mmm....toast. Miss you on ig, but understand your reasons for leaving. It's good that you always get back to your creative outlet. I like both of these.


  2. I enjoyed both fotos, especially the second one. It made me horny (pun intended), I hope it made you smile... Keep up the good work and don't let anything get you down.

    AMC 4/18/2012

  3. @aglet - It's absolutely AWful, isn't it? I hate that I have literally no control over these wretched tummy aches...they're the boss of me and it totally sucks. Anyway, I hope that whatever it is that's been troubling you - has gotten much, MUCH better...and that you're finally able to eat more than just toast :(

    I miss you TOO, and all of the other nice, cool, wonderfully talented people that I had the good fortune of meeting, on IG. No longer having IG to cheer me up, whenever things get shitty - has only made my stomach that much worse. Hopefully soon though, I'll emerge from this seemingly never-ending funk...

    Thank you so much for writing to me! It really does mean a lot to me that you stop by to visit...

  4. Mark. @newstart4markApril 19, 2012 at 12:06 AM

    Missing your daily photo updates on instagram! I plan to check in on your web page/blog often...I too share your feelings about the purchase of instagram by Facebook and am concerned for photographers and artists having their works stolen from underneath them. Although my photos are under copyright I have already begun to move my photos to a different sharing site. It is unfortunate as so many people I have met are so torn in different directions as to where to go.
    Best to you as always! So happy you are able to share your amazing photos with everyone!
    One of your loyal followers,
    Mark. @newstart4mark

  5. Sweetheart, both of those photos are stunning, and in totally different ways. You continue to move me incredibly with your portraits.

    xx Dee