Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

(All pics. snapped on 7/03/12)

Today is The Fourth of July - which here in the U.S., is the day on which we celebrate the anniversary of officially declaring our independence from Great Britain, on the same date in 1776. We honor the occasion by gathering with friends and family - at pool parties, or backyard barbecues, and in many cases - massive quantities of alcohol are consumed. Yeeeeeee HAW!

 Setting off fireworks in order to commemorate the holiday, has long since been a tradition...ahhhhh yes. Booze and explosives...what a fabulously brilliant combination!

Here in Boyce, Va. however - there's an old gal who recently gained her own independence from an oppressive situation (albeit it on a decidedly lesser scale of tyranny)...and although my closest allies, and my sensible brain - insist that it was the best possible outcome (all things considered) poor, battered heart still hasn't quite come to grips with it.

For me personally, today is most certainly about observing and contemplating my newfound freedom - but to claim that I'm actually "celebrating" it, would be a gross exaggeration. At best, I am merely trying to harness my gear up for using it wisely and the hopes that some day soon, I will learn to appreciate and embrace it.

But ya' know? No matter how isolated and lonely it feels like I've been, since the final, bitter skirmish that led to the heartbreaking secession - the circumstances leading up to, as well as during and after the shoot at the fireworks stand seen in these pics. - helped me to realize how fortunate I am to be part of a tiny but mighty union - comprised of my few, phenomenal friends, and my incredibly devoted and loving children...and because of that, I'm inching ever closer to finally understanding that being independent of a significant other - doesn't have to equate being alone.

THANKS SO MUCH - to my friends who own the fireworks stand, for giving me free reign to do (pretty much) whatever I wanted while I was there...I know this may sound corny, but it really was a BLAST! (Heh) 

Thanks also to my bff, Curleymoe - for accompanying me on this shoot, and acting as my unofficial bodyguard and assistant creative director! 

Your continued, unconditional support and encouragement - enabled me to greet this Independence Day with the mindset that I might just be ok...


  1. Wonderful shot in front of the big fireworks sign. Your creativity is growing by the day, as is your courage and strength ! Being independent, a women, and by yourself at this point in time just may be the BEST thing to happen to you. And bi the way, your never alone with a camera close by ! check out photograper Sally Mann, a truly incredible Virginia photographer. Enjoy your growth so

    1. - AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Sally Mann is my absolute FAVorite living photographer! I can't tell you how many times I've referenced her "story" in order to help my kids better understand that it's actually ok to be consistently under the microscope in a small-town community, that it's not necessarily a bad thing to be considered a controversial artist. Sally Mann is a role model to me, not only as a supremely talented, renegade photographer, who's stayed true to her art despite the negative spin that's surrounded it - but also as a devoted and loving mother. It's been in reading interviews with her now grown children, that my own kids and I have taken the greatest comfort, and gleaned the most practical advice.

      I'm trying really hard to tap into the positive aspects of my current situation. I have good and bad days (mostly bad, still) but the good ones are beginning to make more regular appearances...thank god. My friends and family assure me that the key ingredient necessary to be able to finally put all of the heartache behind me - is time...

      Thanks for always being so supportive, I really do appreciate it!

    2. At times like this, when sorrow is all around, I think back to my favortie line from an old Jefferson Airplane song " Eskimo Blue Days' off Volunteers.."Don't mean shit to a tree" ! fuck em all, decide to invest in your own worth. As my friend Susan says..."I love penises, its just what their attatched to that drives me crazy!"

    3. @Anonymous - Yeah, not sure why the whole "self worth" thing is such a difficult concept for me to grasp...but it is. You're exactly right though, and Imma try really hard to start putting more stock in myself. Thanks for the nudge :)

      Love your friend Susan's quote, btw! After reading it, the first thing that came to MY mind was - I love penises, it's muh f*#@in' DICKS that I can't stand!

    4. You may enjoy an great old photographer named 'Nell Dorr'-used to write to her back in the 80's when she was still alive- her books are worth big $$ now. Patrick (

  2. so glad to see you back in action......your work is sooooooooo goooood that i can loooooook at it many many times and find newness in the scenes- that- my dear friend- is ART at its finest!! kjean

    1. @kjean - Oooh, I LOVE that - THANK You, kjean! I wouldn't go so far as to say that this particular group has a lotta depth, haha! But what they lack in grit, they more than made up for in lighthearted good fun...and that's precisely what I needed at the time that I took them...