Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Hog Days of Summer

(All pigs, er - I mean PICS. snapped on 7/09/12)

Ok, soooo...obviously there's nothing all that spectacular, or racy about this post - but ya' see, I've been taking care of the most adorable, itty, bitty runt from my friends' litter of pigs - since Monday afternoon...and a.) since I've been holding the sweet, little baby in my arms or on my lap - for hours on end, each day since she came home with me - it's been tricky enough to tackle most of my regular daily duties (I'm typing this entry with one hand, for example), much less to stage my usual brand of photo shoot...and b.) even when I did find time to take a few selfies with Delores the piglet as my costar - the thought of posing naked with her, seemed decidedly wrong to me...or something... 

Mostly though, I'm just glad that I was able to squeeze in a short shoot at least - and I'm hopeful that I might get a brief break from piggy-sitting, sometime over the next few days - so that I can return to the friend's house where this group was taken, to try something a little more...(or less?)

All righty you guys, hate to dash like this - but baby's sleeping, and she let me put her down - so...I best go do some chores before she wakes and wants her ba ba. If everything goes as planned though, the next time we meet? There'll be a meatier post and pics. to sink your teeth into.

Thanks so much to my friend for offering his place as the backdrop for a shoot, and for then giving me an open invite to come back and try some other stuff!

OH! And if you're curious to see what Baby Delores looks like up close - please click here to check out her portrait on Little Pretties.


  1. Ummmmm...bacon!!! lol
    AMC 07/12/12

    1. @AMC - Prosciutto, actually! That's what this particular breed is bred for. It's so funny you say that though, cuz this morning I was fixing breakfast for the gazillion kids who stayed over at our house last night, and one little girl walked into the kitchen and when she saw me holding the pig while I was flipping the bacon - and she said, "Ya' know Lauralyn - it's kind mean of you to be making bacon in front of the pig", HAHA!

  2. I can't stand how cute that little pig is! I just want to squish it (in a cuddly way of course)!


    1. @aglet = She was completely, and utterly adorable...sadly though, after about a week of taking a turn for the worse - the sweet, little thing died - early Thursday morning. I've never cried this much or this hard about any stupid boy, before...I now understand what it means to be TRUly heartbroken. My kids and I are totally devastated...