Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break

Ok, you my kids have been home with me for their Spring Break, since this past Wednesday - and we've been so busy, that I simply have not had ample time to devote to my self-portraits. I have however, taken my precious offspring on daily walks all around our new neighborhood (each of us with our iPhones in hand) which has allowed me (us) to take tons of Instagram pics. - Yay! (Bear with me and I promise that I'll eventually post a few of 'em on Little Pretties...soon as I find a spare minute). Matter of fact, today we ended up at the same abandoned warehouses where, a few months ago - I snapped the selfpic seen above. I went into an adjacent building which is currently under renovation - to ask if it would be ok for my kids and me to take some snaps of the vacant buildings' exteriors, and lo and behold - one of the first people that I ran into, was the very funny man who took the picture seen at the top of this post - his own, personal interpretation of my self-portrait. (How he knew about my pic. is kind of a long story, so maybe some time when I'm not so exhausted, I'll share it with you - but not tonight).

Anyway...while I was there, I asked the funny man if it would be all right with him if I posted his Big Ugly-insired phone snap here, along with mine - and since he so kindly said, "Yes" - I'm publishing both of our pics. tonight, in his honor :)

Thanks So MUCH - to all of the guys on the construction site - who've been so super cool about letting me shoot at this place! It just always blows me away anytime folks are openminded enough to not only "get" what I do, but to also encourage and facilitate it! Muah!


  1. Now why do I prefer you picture???

    Actually, even without the comparison, your shot has so much to say for itself. I love the semi-silhouette; the dark surrounding, setting off your figure; and the rim-lighting emphasizing your outline.

    Great photograph, as always.

    1. @Raymond - Aw always say the nicest things - THANK You! I held off posting this picture back when I took it, because I thought it was too similar to other pics. that I've shared here on The Big Ugly...but I guess there's enough space between those posts and this one, that it doesn't seem too redundant...I hope.