Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Recurring Theme

Soooo...after being asked (has it been two years ago already?) to be a contributing photographer/model to Maxim Jakubowski's, "Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography, Volume 4" his labor of love has finally been published in the UK, and is slated to hit bookstore shelves here in The States - sometime this September! (For those of you who live in the Winchester, Va. area - The Book Gallery on the Old Town Mall has very kindly pre-ordered several copies, but they can also pre-order especially for you, as well!) I was beyond ecstatic, and completely surprised when I found my own two copies of the deliciously steamy book - peeking out of my mailbox, yesterday!

Clearly "Erotica" is a pretty heavy theme in my life, these the arrival of Maxim's fourth installment in the "Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography" series, doesn't fall far behind having been asked to speak on the topic of erotic photography - at Eroticon USA 2013, in October of this year. And although it has felt like it's taken practically forever for Maxim's book to finally be published - the timing ultimately wound up to be pretty damned perfect! I mean like, how cool will it be to have a veritable encyclopedia of erotic material, hot off the presses, right there at my disposal to use as a visual aid - while I'm doing my thing at Eroticon?!

All of this erotica-related news led me to then entitle 1 lb. Gallery's next call for photography entries, "Defining 'Erotic'"...duh.


"Defining 'Erotic'" - Call for Photography Entries

The word, "Erotic" by its arbitrary nature, is a rather tough one to person's idea of what's "erotic" to them - may be perceived as something closer to "pornography" in the eyes of another...or conversely - too "vanilla" to arouse any emotions, or sensations in another person, even yet...

For the October Exhibit - 1 lb. Gallery will be celebrating the arrival of  Eroticon 2013 USA, as not only does this mark the erotica conference's inaugural visit to The States, but also - 1 lb. Gallery owner, Lauralyn Brickhouse - will be speaking on the topic of erotic photography, as well as leading a self-portraiture workshop! We invite you to submit photos that depict your interpretation of what "erotic" actually means...and who knows? Perhaps your images will provide just the inspiration that Lauralyn needs in order to put the finishing touches on her Eroticon talk!

One Entrant will receive the "Juror's Choice Award", and will be the featured artist on the 1 lb. website for the month of October, 2013, as well as the special guest at the "Defining Erotic" Opening Night & Artist's Reception" on October 4th, 2013. "Juror's Choice Award" winners who are unable to attend the exhibition's Opening Night, have the option of, and are encouraged to Skype via the gallery's computer, over the course of the evening - so that they may talk about their work with the event's attendees. The "Juror's Choice Award" winner will also receive an archival quality 8.5" x 11" print of one of their images.

Up to 30 images will be chosen from the submissions, and will be on display in the "Defining Erotic" Exhibition at 1 lb. Gallery - until October 27th, 2013.

The Deadline to Submit is Saturday, August 31st, 2013

Winners will be announced by Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Images selected for inclusion in the October show, must arrive at the gallery no later than Saturday, September 28th.

We hope that you'll join us for the "Defining Erotic" Opening & Artists' Reception on:
Friday, October 4th, 2013

The fee to submit is $25 for up to 5 images, $6 for each additional image. No more than 10 total photos per entrant,  please.

Here at the gallery, we firmly believe that Smart Phone Photography is a legitimate art form, so please do not hesitate to submit images that were captured on your cell phones.

1 lb. Gallery offers free matting and framing for accepted photographs that fit our pre-cut mat sizes, for the duration of the exhibit. We will also print images that were selected for display in the gallery, should you prefer not to mail your print.

1 lb. Gallery does not take a commission on the sale of work by juried art show participants, we do however retain 5.3% Virginia sales tax.

Email Lauralyn at: with your questions.
Thank You so much for Participating - Best of LUCK to You!


So there ya' have it! More erotica-themed shiz than you can shake a stick at! 

(I promise that the next Big Ugly entry will actually include a new self-portrait, like it's supposed to...instead of just a bunch of self-promotion nonsense)


  1. Do you know The difference between art and pornography? Lighting.

    1. @Ted - Ha! I've actually heard that one before!!! If I stick to that logic, my lecture on "Erotic Photography" could be kept pretty succinct, huh?