Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Was Framed

"Thanks!' to my two friends who turned me on to this remarkable location, plus a handful of other possible venues in which to shoot!!! After four hours of staging self-portraits at this killer spot, I've still got plenty of pics. yet to share! 


  1. Whilst waiting for this page to open, I read the caption, and had several "pictures" in mind as to what your photograph would be like.

    As it turned out, it was nothing like the rather conservative ideas I had thought of.

    This is brilliant, as always.

    The out-take is so different, too. A longing for some "enlightenment" perhaps.

    Each reveals a different facet of you.

    Keep it up.

    1. @Raymond - You always say the nicest. most encouraging things, Raymond - THANK You!

      It's funny, cuz I was just yesterday talking with a friend about how much I enjoy the way that my shoots allow me to, or perhaps even force me to become other characters...people who when I see them in my pics. later on - I don't even recognize as being me at all...I'm still not totally sure if I'm "acting" in my shoots? Or if I'm tapping in to other sides of my's feels pretty cool though, either way...