Thursday, August 1, 2013

Idle Hands are the Devil's Playthings

I've got so much going on right now, it's kinda crazy - and believe me when I say, that is definitely not a bad thing! Unfortunately though, the one area of my life that has taken a bit of a backseat over the last couple of months - is my art...self-portraiture, specifically. 

So for this post, although I am dutifully sharing a (regrettably mediocre) selfpic (cuz it's one of the only newish ones that I have in the queue, at the moment) I'm primarily here today, with the sole purpose in mind of using this entry for the shameless promotion of a few of the exciting projects that have kept me distracted from self-portraiture, lately.

Having recently become the proud owner of 1 lb. Gallery (my shiny, new fine art photography gallery, and print studio) - has meant many long hours working in and on the space, learning how to use my kickass Epson printer to make some startlingly beautiful archival quality prints (Yip!), becoming accustomed to working with unfamiliar, and (for me at least) complicated software, lining up future exhibitions, etc... - all while simultaneously making my first ever sincere attempt at becoming a legitimate, contributing member of society - ME?! I know! Shocking, right? (worry not however, I shall always remain a slacker at heart!) Anyway, (somewhat surprisingly) the diametric shift in my daily routine - has changed my approach to each new day, for the better! Without benefit of an alarm clock, I rise absurdly early each morning, eager as hell to hop on my cute, little motorcycle, zip down to the gallery, and get straight to work on the various different projects that I currently have underway.

Segue to the promotional portion of this entry:

The first thing that I wanna either alert you to (assuming that I haven't already), or remind you about (if in fact, I already have) - is 1 lb. Gallery's first ever call for photography entries! 

Et Voila!

"I Know What You Did Last Summer" Call for Entries - August 3rd Deadline Approaching!

Summer (my personal favorite of all four seasons) is in full swing, here in the Western Hemisphere - but before long, the days will start to become noticeably shorter, shadows will gradually grow longer, kids will begrudgingly head back to school, and sadly - all of the summertime fun will be over...until summer rolls around again, next year...

For the September Exhibit - 1 lb. Gallery invites you to submit photos that will let us all know what you did, where you went, what you saw, or perhaps even something a little less literal, like simply how summer made you feel this year...or any year, for that matter...

One Entrant will the "Juror's Choice Award", and will be the featured artist on the 1 lb. website for the month of September, 2013, as well as the special guest at the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Opening Night & Artist's Reception to be held on September 6th, 2013. "Juror's Choice Award" winners who are unable to attend the exhibition's Opening Night, have the option of, and are encouraged to Skype via the gallery's computer, over the course of the evening - so that they may talk about their work with the event's attendees. "Juror's Choice Award" winner will also receive an 8.5" x 11" archival quality print of one of their images.

30 Images will be chosen from the submissions, and will be on display in the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" exhibition at 1 lb. Gallery - until September 28th, 2013. Along with these images, 20 additional photos will appear on 1 lb. Gallery's online annex.

(Submission Guidelines & Instructions)

The Submission Deadline is Saturday, August 3rd, 2013
Winners will be announced by August 10th, 2013
Images selected for inclusion in the September show, must arrive at the gallery no later than Saturday, August 31st.
We hope that you'll join us for the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Opening & Artist's Reception on:
Friday, September 6th, 2013

The fee to submit is $25 for up to 5 images, $6 for each additional image. No more than 10 total images per entrant, please.

1 lb. Gallery offers free matting and framing for accepted photographs that fit our pre-cut mat sizes, for the duration of the exhibit. We will also print images that were selected for display in the gallery, should you prefer not to mail your print(s).

1 lb. Gallery does not take a commission on the sale of juried photography show participants, we do however retain 5.3% Virginia sales tax.

Please Click Here to Submit!

Email Lauralyn at: with your questions.

Thank You so much for participating, and Best of Luck to You!

So, come ON, You Guys! I know that you all have plenty of summertime pics. in your photography collections, that I have no doubt would make this a diverse and compelling please consider making a submission - and don't delay! The deadline to enter is just two days away - this Saturday, August 3rd!!!


K, and my next (and last) order of business, is to invite all of you of course - but particularly those of you who happen to live in the Winchester, Va. are - to please come by the gallery tomorrow, August 2nd - from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. for the Opening & Artist's Reception in honor of photographer Kerri Lane, and her "LIVE CANVAS" Exhibition! In order to save (what's swiftly becoming precise) time - I've copied yesterday's blog entry from off of the 1 lb. website, and pasted it here:


Kerri Lane's "LIVE CANVAS" Photography Exhibition is officially up on the walls of 1 lb. Gallery - and I've gotta say, it's an utterly fantastic collection of unique portraits that she's made of gorgeous nude models, set against one of a kind backdrops - to both of which - Kerri herself first expertly applies the most delicious array of vivid or jewel-colored paints, before she begins the process of then turning the camera onto her subjects...



IMG_2971 you see what the heck what I'm talkin' about? Yeah...
Kerri's "LIVE CANVAS" Opening and Reception are this Friday, August 2nd - from 6:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. at 1 lb. Gallery, and it's shaping up to be a most lively occasion - so do please stop by to join in on all of the merrymaking!
Oh, and here's another little nugget of awesomeness - Kerri will be making a selection of her images available for (limited) print, over the course of the evening. Interested buyers may choose an image, and the type and size of archival quality paper upon which they would like to have their print(s) made, after which I will print the image out on my Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printer - and lastly, Kerri will sign, and number the prints before you handful of lucky collectors out there, get to bring the gorgeous works of art back home with you. Nice, huh?
All righty then, so it's decided - we'll see you at the Opening this Friday night, excellent!


All right, so there ya' have it yo! I'm not sure which thing I'm hoping for see some (lots?) of you at the opening tomorrow night? Or to see your summertime-themed photography submissions show up in my inbox! Thank You in advance though, if you do decide to partake in one or the other, or both!

*Footnote: 1 lb. Gallery is no longer in operation, and its website is no longer active.

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