Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Date with a Trailer...

(Snapped on 10/30/10)

As I mentioned in my last post, this past weekend I made my second trip down to central Virgina to visit my friend Copeland at her prefab(ulous) weekend home. I returned from my first trip a few months back - captivated by the pure, untainted pastoral beauty of not just her land specifically - but of the region as a whole. And although I came home rested, rejuvenated and rejoicing over having stockpiled a boatload of new self-portraits, I simply could not stop thinking about the untapped wealth of photo-ops. - that I was certain would lure me back down there... 

After writing a guest post for Copeland's blog following my first adventure on "The Land", I was contacted on Facebook by a friend of Copeland's (also one of her country home neighbors) who had read my account of and seen the photos from my stay there. George and I quickly struck up an effortless, online friendship and after a short while, he cordially issued me carte blanche to shoot on his property, anytime that I happened to be in the area...

Knowing that I was to be heading down that way over Halloween weekend, I warned George that if the offer still stood, I was def gonna take him up on his generous invitation...and luckily he was totally hep to it - hooRAY! I practically slobbered over his description of the natural backdrops that were to be at my disposal for the day, but when he casually mentioned that there's an old trailer on his property, my ears immediately pricked..."A trailer? OoOOoh...goody, goody!"

(Snapped on 10/30/10)

After a leisurely Saturday morning at Copeland's - spent sipping coffee and tweaking a couple of my costumes (with the help of her inquisitive and adorable daughter) I followed in my little car, as Copeland led me through an unfamiliar part of the county (I tried hard to remember the location of two irresistible venues, eager to add them to the day's shoot itinerary) after which she aimed me in the direction of George's house...and then sent me on my merry way.

Since I arrived at George's place a good bit later than anticipated, we wasted no time touring his fastidiously maintained, unspoiled acreage...I was overwhelmed by the infinite number of desirable spots where I could potentially photograph myself on his property...BUT! The moment that I set foot in the trailer, the dilemma of "where to start?" had been instantly answered for me. My self-portrait rampage scheduled for the day, must commence nowhere other than...there

I had pictured the inside of the trailer looking very like the the way that it actually did look, only somehow not nearly as AWESOME! I mean seriously you guys - it was way beyond perfect. Just the right amount of trashed and decayed and - much as I actually disliked the classic 1970's drab decor with its vomitrocious, wretched colors that stirred memories of my dreary childhood - I was in love with those hues for my photos...

I was shocked (and delighted) that period furniture was still scattered about the interior, and that the original avocado green shag rug still covered the living room floor (are you kidding me?! Real shag?!) I was beside myself, to say the very least.

Once I wrapped my brain around the magnitude of my good fortune to have been bestowed with such a rare and special opportunity, and acknowledging that if my top picks of shoots for the day were to be realized - then time was of the essence. I scurried out to my little car, dug through the excessive amount of clothing and wigs and shoes and accessories that had overflowed my huge duffel and were overtaking the back of my car - and settled on three simple outfits which I hoped would bring three different personae to life, in a faux-tographic flashback to a bygone era...  

(Snapped on 10/30/10)

Generally when editing my photos, the first thing I do is crop 'em - just so. After that, I bump up the intensity of color and contrast. But in fiddling around with the photos from my industrious two hours at the trailer, I found that fading the color or dulling it down as well as minimizing any sharp contrasts...seemed to give the pics. a touch of vintage appeal. I tend to be a creature of habit and so it was tricky at first, for me to deviate from my affinity for bright color and *pop*. I'm glad that I did though, because the quiet tones bode well for the mellow mood and nostalgia of these shots (not to mention it was good for me to break a habit...for once)

I was so happy to have finally officially made George's acquaintance, it assured me that our friendship was real and now solid. My deal with the trailer though, was just a one time thing...but I would always have the pictures to remind me of our "date"...


  1. How totally awesome! Love the third pic the most, but they're all amazing.

    xx Dee

  2. FanTASTic! I'm so glad you stopped by, Dee - Ta, very MUCH!

    Yeah, I look at #3 and I'm not even sure who that woman IS...Hahaha!

  3. I loved them all, and I swear I think there was some sort of a metaphysical glow surrounding that trailer that was never there before!