Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amphibious Unit

(All pics. snapped on 7/11/11)

I'm not gonna lie...this group of self-portraits does not fall into the same category as those that are the result of a diligent effort (but then again - I'm probably not telling you anything, that you hadn't already deduced on your own) My mind at the time that I shot them - was definitely someplace else, and my heart (safe to say) wasn't in it. 

It wasn't that I planned the shoot last minute, or anything like that - matter of fact, I'd come up with the idea, and made the necessary arrangements to gain access to this spot on the river - days before. But between the time that I got everything organized, and the time that I actually took these pics. - an exciting, new development arose...

Out of the blue - a girlfriend of mine asked if it would be ok for her to give my number to one of her single, male friends - believing that the two of us might hit it off nicely. Rarely one to curb my enthusiasm (particularly when faced with the prospect of meeting a man who comes to me - highly recommended) I replied with a hearty, "YES MA'AM!!!" 

Looked like if everything went according to my friend's plan? There just might be a blind date in mama's future...say what?!

After "my date" introduced himself via text, we compared schedules so that we could figure out a time that might work to meet up. I suggested 2 p.m. on the same day that I had planned to stage the "amphibious" shoot - positive that that would give me plenty of time to get done with my pics., go home, get showered - and arrive at the restaurant looking fresh and lovely, and not a minute past 2.

What I hadn't taken into consideration though, was how much bloody time I would spend trying to get one decent picture outta the days' first shoot. You may remember me bitching about the difficulty I had getting the blasted mannequin pics., one of which appears in the last post? Yeah well, those suckers wound up to be a much bigger headache than I ever could've predicted, and consequently - left me crunched for ample enough time in which to try and make these pictures happen.

Sadly, the "amphibious" shoot was doomed to fail from the start...not only because of the time deficit though - but also because I was so giddy about, as well as fixated on pondering - the possible outcome of "my date", that I was too spaced-out to ever get fully into character. For the endurance of the 60 minutes that I was able to devote to this theme - the best I could do, was absentmindedly go through the motions of taking the pics....and I would venture to say that it shows...

And now, if you'll kindly excuse my continued brevity - I've gotta primp and get ready to go see "my date". Coincidentally, our plan is to spend the day in and around water...which somehow (to me at least) seems a fitting way to bring this otherwise cursed "amphibious" post - to a less disappointing close...


  1. OK, so the last two shots, while good, are possibly a little formulaic. But please revisit this idea sometime soon, if you don't mind... with a twist. The first shot is almost animalistic, and very captivating... is this creature gonna eat me, or what? You know? So I'd love to see you come back to the idea, but not as an amphibious warrior, but as an amphibious creature. Maybe body-painted in some way? Could do mud... you have some excellent ones of those recently. But body paint is possible, too. In any case, think about something instead of the goggles that you could wear on your face to get the eyes in that first shot, peering out from under a shroud, or something. Like?

    Oh, and how was the date?

  2. @Steve Mouzon - I'm SO not excited about these pics...ANY of them. I feel like I need to hurry up and post a new entry, just so I can cover them up with something better! Anyway, you definitely have me wheels turning, Steve...I'm already getting some good ideas for ways to have another go at this theme - Thank You!

    (P.S. - ALL of our dates have been really, really good :D Thanks for ASKing!)

  3. I keep checking back for that new entry... ;-)

  4. @Steve Mouzon - HaHA! Working on it as we speak...please do stay tuned!