Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hang Tight

(Snapped on 9/19/11)

I swear I haven't forgotten about y'all...promise, promise, promise!

It's always been my Big Ugly policy, to (try and) not let a whole week go by, without sharing a new batch of pics.. But after extenuating circumstances put the kibosh on what I'd hoped would be a pretty radical shoot over the weekend, it was starting to look like I'd have nothing to write about for the next foreseeable future.

Yesterday however, I did manage to squeeze in a quick, little shoot - but since I was scheduled to work, I was crunched for time (plus my camera inexplicably started actin' kinda wonky), and was forced to call it quits juuuuust as I was starting to gel with my surroundings. 

In any case, here's a little teaser to tide you guys over - until I've collected all that I'll need in order to compose a proper, full-length, respectable post...

Thank you so much for your patience!


  1. PLEASE go back to this place! Awesome setting!

  2. @Steve Mouzon - Oh my GOSH! You have no idea just HOW amazing this place is...*swoon* You may be happy to know that I HAVE been back - TWICE! And if I could squeeze it into my chaotic schedule, I'd go back again without hesitation...but unfortunately, I can't even find the time to finish the blog post that I'm writing about the pics. that I've already taken there...*sigh*