Thursday, September 29, 2011

There's Nothing to See Here

(All pics. snapped on 9/28/11)

I ain't lyin', you guys...there simply aren't enough hours in any day for me anymore. Lately it feels like all I ever do, is frantically sprint from one activity to the next chore or errand - and by the time my head fiiiiinaly hits the pillow late at night, I've accomplished only a fraction of what I'd intended to do... 

...and on top of all that - I've spent the last week or so, bunched up and in a wad over tons of other stuff that's been further rattling my ability to focus clearly on my pics. and my blog. Suffice it to say, my mind has definitely been elsewhere.

Somehow though, I did find a way to fit snapping the pictures seen here in this post, in between getting off of work and picking my kids up from school. But just the same, for the practically unprecedented hour and forty-five minutes that my camera actually allowed me to shoot before it died - I can honestly say that I was far too distracted thinking about the rest of the day's hellishly complicated schedule, and how anxious I've become over the latest developments in my personal life - to ever get satisfactorily lost in this shoot. The whole thing is really just a blur...

Even now, as I sit here spastically trying to write this post, before I jump back in my car and go fetch my children from their extra-curriculars, knowing damn well I'll never finish in the scant ten minutes that I have left before I have to get up from my desk chair to leave - my stomach's all bound up in knots. Partly because I'm in another terrible hurry...partly because I'm trying, but can't seem to recall anything noteworthy having taken place during the time that I spent in this house...but mostly because my heart hurts even worse than my gut.

And so unfortunately, my sweet peeps - this is all that I have to offer. I'm sorry, and I promise to (try and) do better next time.


  1. Ok can I just say there is PLENTY to see here! Two favourite shots from this are:
    1)the one hanging from the door frame with the ruffled edge of the nightie reflecting the ruffled edge of the curtain but offering a much more tantilising peek not to mention the lovely tension running through your body.
    2)the bannister one - this one made me stop and stare. Your body line mimicking the bannister's line but at the same time distorting it with your curves. You seem to float on the end of it; I had to look ever so carefully to see how your toes carefully balanced you in a triangulation against your bum and your neck/shoulder. It made me look and look and look. Just WOW!

  2. You might be a bit lost for the words but so am I seeing these pictures. The one on the bannisters is breath-taking....the whole in the ceiling, your broken pose...ohh just all of it. You are my inspiration Lauralyn!


    Ps...I found it, an abandoned pub/bar and took pics...i have not posted them yet but when I do, they will be credited back to you, without seeing your work I would never have done it.

  3. @Molly - OOOOHHHH!!! I simply cannot WAIT to see the self-pics. that you took at the old, abandoned pub! I'm beside myself with excitement over this new territory that you're exploring! Squeeeeeee!!!

  4. @SapioSlut - first off, I need to apologize for the delay in getting your comment posted. I have no idea why - but I never got an email notification letting me know that you'd commented, and it wasn't until I went to my blogger dashboard in order to begin writing a new post, that I saw where you'd written to me - SORRY!

    But mostly, I just wanna Thank You for helping me to appreciate the pics. in this post, a bit more than I have on my own...I think being disappointed by the fact that I had so little to write about the pics. in my blog - because this shoot WAS so uneventful, and because I was in such a weird foggy haze the whole time I was shooting - caused me to symptomatically discount the snaps as being just as much of a let-down as the text was. So....thanks aGAIN, Chica! For helping to put things in a more favorable perspective :)