Saturday, September 3, 2011


So HEY! Guess what today's The Big Ugly's ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!!! And since I already sorta did my celebrating late last night, and into the wee hours of this morning - plus I had to get up and go to work after sleeping for (possibly...maybe) three hours only - I'm gonna save the few remaining brain cells that I do still have - by keeping the text here, very simple.

Mostly, I just wanna thank all of you wonderful readers out there! I can't tell you how much it means to me that you take the time to peruse my pics., as well as the stories and thoughts that accompany them - and also that you regularly prop me up when I'm down, and continue to nurture my growth as an artist...your comments are positively invaluable, "THANK YOU!"

Also, a jumbo, cyber hug and a peck - to the nice folks who've so graciously allowed me to snap my self-portraits on the properties and/or with their belongings and pets. I would barely have even a fraction of the pictures in my collection, were it not for your generous contributions to my craft, "Thank You, so, SO much!"

And finally, in commemoration of one of the most rewarding and gratifying years of my entire life, I'm posting a selection of rarely seen self-portraits - each one representing the 12 individual months that have passed since I created this blog last September...and none of which have appeared here on The Big Ugly before now. Consider it a token of my sincerest appreciation, for all that you do for me...

(Snapped on 9/05/10)

(Snapped on 10/01/10)

(Snapped on (11/10/10)

(Snapped on 12/07/10)

(Snapped on 1/27/11)

(Snapped on 2/19/11)

(Snapped on 3/21/11)

(Snapped on 4/12/11)

(Snapped on 5/30/11)

(Snapped on 6/24/11)

(Snapped on 7/08/11)

(Snapped on 8/31/11)

Thanks to self-portraiture, and those of you who've stuck by me over The Big Ugly's first year (along with some other swell stuff that's been happening, lately) - I can honestly say, that at this very moment? I feel like the luckiest gal in the world!

Here's to next year!


  1. Happy blogaversary! *big hugs* It's been a pleasure watching you evolve, and post, and evolve and post some more :)

    xx Dee

  2. happy blogiversary! and by the way, how about you show up in my part of the world and pump some gas for me?

  3. ha! that you have only been doing this a *year* staggers belief. you are a Pro (whether by gift of instinct or being a "quick study," i cannot guess ..). !
    S. Barrios

  4. Oh WOW!!! This is *breath taking*!! Literally you have me gasping as I browsed through this group. And then giggling. Then "awwwwing".

    My fave is the muddy one, your hair flying around and what looks to be a wild look in your eyes. But then I love the one in the snow too, and the upside down paper bag, and the pumping gas and, and , and. Well, all of 'em!

    Happy Birthday Big Ugly!

  5. Happy anniversary! And Jesus, Lauralyn, these pictures are fantastic! I would love to get to look through all those pictures that don't make your cut ... whenever you give us a glimpse of them, they often turn out to be some of my favorites!

  6. Oh my GOSH, you guys!!! See? This is exactly what I mean when I say that I have such wonderful readers...*sigh* You guys really are the best, you know that?

  7. @Curvaceous Dee - DEE! I feel like it's been AGes since we spoke! First of all, thank you so much for the follow on tumblr.. I've already enjoyed thumbing through YOUR tumblr. page, and am excited to see all of the new - gorgeous, and interesting images, as well as thought-provoking text that you'll post in the future...Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes, and for never giving up on The Big Ugly :)

  8. @daisyfae - THANK You, daisyfae! I love that because of my blog/yourblog, I feel as if I actually know you, and that I've made a friend that I never would've otherwise. I always appreciate your sage, sensible and uplifting advice...I'd be HAPpy to pump your gas for you, ANYtime - that would be the LEAST I could do to make up for all of the times that you've cheered me up!

  9. @tdaschel - Well, let's see...I've actually been blogging for over three years now (used to write a blog about online dating, and all that) aaaand...I've been snapping self-pics. since March of '10 - so 17 months really as a self-portraiture artist. It's the union of both things (in the form of The Big Ugly) that is only a year old...but I guess either way, I'm still pretty new to self-portraiture.

    Thanks for stopping by, like you do. It's always nice to see you on here!

  10. @SapioSlut - You, my dear - are such a fabulous lady! Your comment made me smile, and smile even BIGger - until I thought I might actually BURST with pride! Thanks very much for introducing yourself to me, and for staying in regular contact. I feel so lucky to have made your acquaintance!!!

  11. @Nathan - THANK You, Nathan! I've had the most fun weekend full of merrymaking and celebrating - WEE!

    You know? Your comment makes me wonder if the pictures that I think are the best, and subsequently end up on my blog - may NOT actually be the best ones...hmmmm...In any case, I DO post a different self-portrait every day on my tumblr....and most of them have never been made public...just so you know :)

    Thanks for all of the ways you continue to encourage me!

  12. Regarding picking the best: it's always a tough call, I'm sure, and it can be hard to get perspective on your own work. That being said, I love everything you've selected. (it's on the strength of them that I've been following you for so long now, after all!) I can offer two examples, though. In the above series, the photo taken on 5/30/11, by the river, is AMAZING. It would have been a shame if that had never made it into the world. The second example refers to one a while back. Do you remember that one of you in the light through the window? I loved that one, and asked if I could buy a print. But then you showed me a couple of others from that same set and I found one in there that I loved even more. It just makes me wonder how many hidden gems you're sitting on over there ...

    Tumblr, hmm? Off I go to take a peek ...

  13. Happy one year Lauralyn! Diggin' the Tumblr pix, too. As Jefe would say, "You have a plethora" of amazing pix. (lame Three Amigos reference)

    Congrats again on the one year. Cheers to more growth and more of you being the luckiest gal in the world.

  14. My dearest Lauralyn...

    HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!!!!! *lets of streamers and bakes a very sexy cake....and sends a special ty kiss to Dee for leading me here to this little corner of blogging heaven.

    I love these pictures but the one in the mud is quite frankly breathtaking, the movement of your hair, the look in your eyes, the posture, just the whole thing has me mesmerized.

    You blog has always inspired me to try more and different pictures. You challenge me to raise my game and explore the wider world around me.

    I love this idea of posting a picture to represent every month of the have, yet again, triggered an idea in my dirty little brain!

    Love you Lauralyn


  15. @Nathan - Thanks for takin' a peek at my tumblr.! I'm curious to know what you think about the pictures that I've posted on there...Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts.

    You know? I've not forgotten about your offer to buy a print of the image you mentioned above...and it's not that I've been ignoring your interest in acquiring it - it's that I haven't quite figured out just how exactly - to present my pics. to potential buyers. All I do know, is that I only intend to ever sell one print of any single image (signed and framed, of course) so that each "work of art" would be one of a kind...

    I hope you'll continue to bear with me :)

  16. @A Rdditor - THANK You so MUCH - for the Birthday wishes!!! It always makes me happy when you stop by to say, "Hi"...i.e. - don't be such a stranger, ya' hear?!

    I promise to do my best to perpetuate the windfall of goodness that's been bestowed upon me lately. Knowing that I have the support of kind folks like you - will only make such a task, that much easier...


  17. @Molly - I swear to goodness, you ALways know how to make this old gal *SMILE*

    I can't tell you how grateful I am that Dee saw to it that our paths would eventually cross...I am SO happy to know you, your blog, your words and your pics.. and I'm honored to hear that my own pictures inspire your work as a self-portraiture artist...there may be no greater compliment that an artist can receive - than that :)

    Plus, I'm eager to see what you do with the "picture-a-month" idea - Keep on KEEPin' on, girl!!!

    Thank you for bein' one of my very best virtual pals!