Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick? Or Treat...

You may already know this, but at the risk of being redundant - I feel I gotta go ahead and say it anyway..."I am not a big fan of holidays"...not my birthday, not Christmas, not Mother's Day, (you get the picture)..and (perhaps somewhat surprisingly) Halloween is in no way exempt from finding its rightful place on the long list of my least favorite days....even more so lately than in the past though, because - over the last year and a half, I have unofficially celebrated Halloween approximately once or twice a week - by wearing costumes (or more frequently - nothing at all) in order to become the melange of alter-personnae that have thus far appeared in my pics.. Don't get me wrong, I love dressing up (or undressing) for my shoots (matter of fact, I went out and snapped some new pics. today!). But anymore, it feels pretty freakin' pointless to me - to go to the trouble of getting all decked out, just to stand shoulder to shoulder with throngs of other people - all clad in their own ridiculous regalia, and all just because it happens to be some pointless (to me anyway) holiday...

While it's probably pretty clear that I shan't be celebrating Halloween in the traditional sense, tonight - I am rawther eager to publish just one...more...entry, before flipping to November on the calendar. And since it would be awfully fitting to post something sorta ghoulish - I've come up with what I believe to be a reasonable solution: I'll post pictures of myself looking like regular, ole me - wearing "everyday", normal attire - but! In a series of photos that tell a sinister story. Here's the catch though - I am super, double, extra, ultra, mega, mucho tired (plus - my sluggish ass is running outta time) so I'll refrain from adding my personal depiction of this grim and grisly tale...and will instead let you (my dearly beloved readers) - rely on your own imaginations to supply the narrative...

(All pics. snapped on 10/17/11)

Thanks so, so, so, SO much, to the owner of the service center (and to all of the other nice men with whom I chatted) - not only for allowing me to take nakey pics. on the tire pile, but for also being open-minded and chill about the whole thing! (P.S. the young guy with the dark hair and green eyes? hella cute :D)

Thanks also to my friend who had practically just arrived from overseas - and was such a good sport about agreeing to play the role of my nefarious suitor on the fly - you da bess!

...and one final, "Thank You!" to the folks at the bar...was way cool of you guys to let me take these snaps - without giving me the hairy eyeball while I staged 'em.

Oh, and hey! Check this out - I just realized that this is my 100th Big Ugly post!!! Now that's something worthy of celebrating, f'you ask me...(could it be that I'm not such a curmudgeon after all?) Anyway, I am still off to bed...but before I go tuck myself in, "Cin cin!" to all of my fantabulous the folks who so graciously make certain shoots possible...and to my supremely kickass friends...



  1. I am addicted ! You are gorgeous and your foreword always sets the scene perfectly . I love popping into your sight , with great expectations and am never let down . Hot , hot ... Hit !

  2. @Cosanostre - Ooooooh! I just LOVE it when someone I've never heard from before, stops by and leaves a comment!

    I'm deLIGHTed to hear that you dig The Big Ugly - I shall persevere to always keep you entertained!

    Thanks so much for your positive input! Don't be a stranger, ya' hear? :)

  3. @PhoneSex - Hey there...I got an email notification this morning, that said you'd left a comment on my old dating blog...was just wondering if maybe you meant for it to appear on THIS blog, instead.

    Either way though, THANK You for poppin' in!

  4. Can I just say that you have the most AWESOME smile.

  5. @sapioslut - Thank You, so MUCH! I never think of it that way, but I guess I COULD try to wear it more often in my pics....

  6. LOVE the tire pic... I've always been fascinated with shots where you have to look for a moment to see what's out of place. In this case, of course, you... light flesh splayed across dark rubber, in a harsh metal halide light. Plus, you're getting a lot more adventuresome in the last few shoots... kudos, props, and stuff! Oh, and sapio is right on the smile... as I said earlier, you really oughta do more face shots. You're FAR more beautiful than you think.

  7. OK here we go:
    The Collector---
    It was a beautiful cloudless night and Sarah had decide to have a few drinks after a long day at work with her best friend Becky,they decided to meet at the local watering hole. Sarah was not aware that Becky's daughter had a sudden high fever that forced her to take her 5 yr old to the local ER for a quick check up.
    As Sarah is seating at the bar all alone, a young man that looked familiar approached her, they do small talk and she finds out that he just returned from his 5th tour in Afghanistan. She was smitten by his friendly smile and quick wit and was impressed by his ability to guess correctly the size and brand of the Red Prada shoes she wore that evening......
    OK, I hope others can add to the goulish story to match the photos, the pictures are great and you look gorgeous like always. A fan
    AMC 11/7/2011

  8. I love this post.... the one with him holding you up against the wall makes me squirm. I would love to see more pictures of you with other people in.... brilliant as always lauralyn


    Ps.. Happy 100 post... I look forward to being here for the next 100

  9. @Steve Mouzon - In most of the pics from the tire pile shoot, my whole body was completely visible...and several of those shots were definitely disturbing, but the one that I posted in this entry - was to me - the creepiest of all! I'm thinking about using the "Where's Waldo" effect more often in my pics....I like the concept very much! (Still sorta on the fence about the front-on face shots, though...ugh)

  10. @AMC - WOW! How cool is THAT?! Love that you went to all the trouble to share your take on this grim pictorial! My favorite part, is the bit about the Prada shoes though...truth be told - I bought those Chinese Laundry pumps (one with a broken buckle) secondhand from the thrift store for $2.50, haha!

    Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to get the story started!

  11. @Molly - Using "extra's" in my pics. definitely adds a whole 'nother coupla dimensions - not only to the end results, but also to the staging process. It's already a challenge just getting mySELF into frame in 10 seconds, but to then have to worry about what my co-star is doing in top of that?...woooo! Kinda TRICKy! That being said...I always love a good challenge ;)