Friday, December 21, 2012

It's Not The End Of The World


  1. oh man- jailhouse mac and cheese....bologna mystery meat and sorry that the powers at be are so friggin stupid......i know you will use your time spent in the big house to your advantage---just think---those poor jail house employees are too stupid to do anything else- cept maybe ask the big question- paper or plastic? the judge has to sleep in a locked house at night...the lawyers dont have any true friends....the folks that took you to court over this mess- ignorant rednecks who have never ever colored outside the lines.....never added an extra ingredient to a recipe...never felt the wind on their naked bodies....they are only alive...not truly living - like you....

  2. @laughingpaintbrush - Well, I guess the good news is - I don't really eat food...sooooo...I ought be fine in that department, at least.

    The only thing that actually has me worked up into a lather at this point, is wondering who the hell threw me under the bus...and what compelled them to do it...I do have my suspicions, though - and I'm determined to figure it out for sure.

  3. @laughingpaintbrush - I feel like I need to clarify a few more things, because you definitely seem to have the wrong impression of how this case was handled. First off all, (and most importantly) what I did was wrong - meaning - it was not only illegal, but it was also terribly hurtful to the property owners...and for that, I am truly sorry. They had every reason to be upset enough with me to press charges, and I willingly accepted the punishment that they sought. Also, over the course of this entire ordeal - everyone in the legal profession who was involved in this case (from the law enforcement officers who first approached me about the incident, to each person that I dealt with down at the county courthouse: security guards, attorneys, clerks, the judge) could not have been any more professional, respectful, conscientious, helpful, even kind. I can honestly say that I've been utterly amazed by the high calibre of professionalism that each person exhibited. I was never made to feel like the criminal that sadly...I now am. I'm telling you all of this because I don't want you or anyone else to think that I bear any resentment towards any of these people...quite the opposite, actually. If anything, they all earned my respect.

  4. Here's an outrageous thought... will they let you take your camera with you next weekend? If so, you could do some really cool (clothed) shots in that setting... a setting you've not been in before and (hopefully) won't ever be in again.

  5. @Steve - Unfortunately - no...they will not. That was actually one of the first things I asked the cops weeks ago, when they told me that I could end up doing jail time. Bummer, eh? It really could be a pretty awesome shoot.

    1. OK... (I don't give up easy)... how about making nice with some of the guards who might let you back in after you've served your time so you could come back in on a slow weekday when they have cells available where you could do a shoot? Just a thought. Rare settings don't come by that often, as you surely know.