Sunday, September 29, 2013

Do I Scare You?

"Gender Bending" was the theme for last week's "Big Ugly Land of Oz" Self-Portrait Challenge"...and I dare say, this has to be one of the hottest self-portraits that I've ever taken...HAWT, I tell You - muh fuckin' HAWT!!!

Anyhoo, "Thank You!!!" to my "old-car-graveyard-go-to-guy" - for letting me shoot at his secret spot, yet again! (I got a ton of ideas while I was there takin' pics., soooo...I might be hittin' you up to go back sometime soon...hope that's Ok!)


  1. Brilliant. This picture brought a smile to my Monday morning face. (Not a pretty sight, the Monday morning face, I must tell you.) Costume, pose, setting, colour all make for an old feel. Well done. Now I must see what Osmyn has come up with.

    1. @Raymond - YAY! So happy to hear that you got a hoot outta this pic., Raymond! Lord knows my self-portraits shouldn't always be so serious, ya' know? I enjoyed doing this challenge, it was pretty involved actually, and took a fair amount of time - but I was shooting in one of my most favorite spots, and I had fun becoming a man for a few hours :)
      Unfortunately, Osmyn is taking a brief hiatus from the challenges...he's super busy working two jobs, and what little time he does have left over, he's trying to devote to working on his fine art nude portraiture. Hopefully though, he'll return very soon!