Thursday, September 26, 2013

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

Sooooo...I've started this new self-portrait project, see...and I've just gotten my first set of pictures back, (Yip!) Although most of them didn't turn out all that great - there was at least one image in the batch that I thought might be ok to share with you guys, in order to help illustrate this new bent that I'm on...allow me to explain:

   About a month ago, a friend/fellow tumblrer/self-portraiture artist - introduced me to the art of double exposing 35mm film, and after doing a bit of research - I purchased a film picker, shot a roll of Tri-X 400 B&W film (capturing images that were primarily texture-based), used my handy-dandy, new film picker to extract the film, reloaded it into my Canon AE-1, and then using the timer on my trusty, old film camera - I took self-portraits on the roll of film's second go-around.

Additionally, since I am currently enrolled in my first darkroom photography class - I was able to develop this first roll of double exposed film, myself - which only got me that much more excited about embarking on this new photographic endeavor! (Not exactly sure what I'm gonna do when I no longer have darkroom privileges, once my class ends in December - but I'll worry about that when the time comes...) 

So now, whenever I go out to take my usual "cheap camera, 10 second timer" self-portraits (see above), I shall also set up my Canon, so that I can superimpose my likeness on rolls of film that are already full of textural images (see below).  

These double exposed self-portraits won't be nearly as forthcoming as my digital self-snaps are, since my success rate so far has been somewhat negligible - but I am gonna keep trying, cuz I'm seriously digging the whole entire process!


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    1. @Ella - Oh, GOODy - that makes me so HAPPY!!! Gonna keep trying to get better (and faster) at making this type of self-portrait!

  2. Too wonderful! What an artist you are. I love the cropping on this picture and the overlying texture adds a new dimension to you figure.

    Now that you have experienced the "magic" of film development, try doing the same with a print. Nothing can match seeing your efforts "appear" on a blank sheet of paper in the developer. Something which I find missing with digital photography. But then digital has made the need for a darkroom obsolete, so there are benefits to both.

    Love the out-take too. It has an "old-worldly" feeling.

    1. @Raymond - I have made a few prints in the darkroom, and I totally agree with you about it being a magical thing! For now though, I'm only printing the images that I need to turn in for my assignments, but hopefully soon I will become more efficient with my darkroom time, and maybe THEN I'll be able to mess around with printing my side project images :)