Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On Cow Pie Pond

I was in desperate need of taking some non-BULOO Challenge-themed self-portraits, just feels like I've been seriously slackin' on staging my regular self-portrait shoots, lately. Luckily however, I was allowed to shoot for hours, upon hours - all over the property where one of my most faaaaave peeps on the planet lives...yet again. Thank you, THANK You!!! (I promise I'll make it up to you…somehow)


  1. Definitely not "On Golden Pond." I hope that you were able to take a shower soon afterwards.
    Although the picture above is more in keeping with your title, I do like the out-take. A classic pose, which appeals to my rather conservative tastes.

    Great work Lauralyn.

  2. @Raymond - Haha! Well, actually...I had to leave straight from this shoot to go to my darkroom photography class...(my poor classmates, right?) I did hose my feet off before I left though. I like the tumblr pic. better, myself...was honestly pretty happy with that one (made me look so TALL!)

    Thanks for stopping by, Raymond - Have an great weekend!