Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It DOES Get Better Than This, I Promise...

If you ask me, these two photos are only remarkable in that - when I shot them, it was still technically winter. And yet the temperature remained unseasonably sweltering - for two consecutive #HNT shoots in a row! What glorious good fortune to take pics. outside in early April (wearing only the bottom half of a bikini) and NOT freeze my bloomin' (and I mean that quite literally) tuchus off...which in hindsight (pun intended) might've actually been a blessing...since apparently I was a bit "thicker" than I realized, back then...ew? Trust me - the poor composition and boring content of these pics - isn't the only reason I decided to post 'em so small...*cough-cellulite*

The picture above got a few positive comments, which surprised me considering my elbow and toes were lopped off (personal pet peeve) The handstand photo however, earned nothing but silence, and to be frank - I completely understand why... 

I personally find it terribly uninteresting - just sorta static and stark and stale...and I'd otherwise have forgotten it entirely by now, had I not torqued my left ring finger during one attempt to get into a handstand in time. To this day that finger pops outta socket without warning...a constant reminder of how one truly must suffer for their art...haHA! 

These shoots weren't total disappointments though. I was delighted that the sun had worked wonders in washing away my wan, winter pallor. Plus, I'd invested very little time in styling myself beforehand (I did nothing with my hair and didn't bother with make-up) and spent no time preparing the "set" it wasn't as if I'd put forth this enormous amount effort, only to have been met by a chorus of chirping crickets. 

(Snapped on 4/17/10)

For my 5th installment to Twitter's #HNT, I selected a black & white photo from this series of pics., in which for some reason - I wasn't blowing a bubble...(wtf?!) In my opinion, the bubble is what makes these pics. cool... well, that and my killah cheetah print couch...But if memory serves me, my body looked better in the blk. & wt. shot, than it does in the color version above (e.g. loose belly skin?)...which would explain why I chose it for my #HNT...*dur*

Sadly, I knew that I'd be relegated back inside my house for this shoot...since the late winter chill had returned for an encore performance, before making its final curtain call. (And - because I'm a wuss about bein' cold) With the venue now determined, the next order of business was to pick a specific room in my house to snap pics.. I settled on the den, largely because - it's one of 3 rooms in the house that my kids and I virtually never occupy, therefore - I wouldn't have to waste precious time tidying-up first. 

The den is where we keep our small collection of books, which since none of us are "readers" would explain why we rarely go in there (sad but true) Nevertheless - "how bout I shoot myself pretending to read" seemed a logical theme for a shoot in that room. I was aware that simply lying on the couch, looking at a book - would pose very little challenge, if any...and upon pondering how I might add an element of difficulty - I thought, "I know - I can try to blow a bubble!" I should mention that, similar to my lack of natural ability to snap my fingers, blowing bubbles has never been my forte...

Suffice it to say, I was able to blow a bubble in 10 seconds (obviously) but in concentrating so hard on that critical aspect, inevitably other details were often neglected, such as: my legs or arms ended up out of frame, or I spaced on getting the entire painting in the shot, things like that. Where I really fell short though, was in paying attention to my body (bad pose) and my face (funny grimace), in each shot where I tried to blow a bubble...

Despite the leg of the couch being somewhat abbreviated and the fact that my foot is not pointed enough (grrrrr), the above photo gets my vote as "the one that's the least bad" - out of the 40 or 50 in the whole lot. It may not be as physically flattering as the one that I chose for #HNT but...the entire painting is visible, same with my body - and I blew a pretty good damn bubble, for pete's sake. 


  1. ahhhh Geeezzzzz U took my favorite picture down.

  2. I just think "1960s" when I see this. I just love the "feel" of it. Did you choose your clothes to match the walls?