Friday, September 17, 2010

Sorry...We're Closed Until Monday...

(Snapped on 7/14/10)

Ok, all you beautiful people...Mama's gotta split for a few days...takin' a little road trip to a place where I've never been. Gonna snap a few pics. in an amazing locale, catch up with a dear friend at her fab off-the-grid home, and if I'm really lucky - she'll let me christen the brand-new, just off the truck, fresh outta the crate...composting toilet! 

After all that though, I'll hurry back home and get right to work - updating The Big Ugly. Look for a new post by Monday afternoon. Right, "by Monday" might be a bit optimistic, but I'll definitely get one up by Tuesday...I swear!

Anyway, apologies in advance for the little hiccup in this - my new (fairly) regular posting trend. I realize that it's practically inexcusable for me to take leave already, when I only just launched the new Big Ugly - two weeks ago...TODAY! (*clink*) But I do promise to make it up to you guys, as soon as I get back. I dunno...maybe I'll flash my tits or somethin'.........Nah, that's no good - I do that all the time anyway...Eh, don't you worry - I'll figure somethin' out...

Enjoy your weekend...Be safe but have FUN! 

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